The Paris Alternative to Versailles, Drunken Outburst Costs Passenger 6 Figures, Spirit is a Less Terrible Airline

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

Here are some posts from around the web that I thought you may find interesting.  Let me know if there is anything good I missed.  Email me anything awesome that you find, or write, at


Domaine de Chantilly: The Paris alternative to Versailles – CNN Travel

This place looks amazing!  It would be pretty awesome to stay here and the prices are not as high as I would have expected (although still expensive).

Drunken Outburst on Plane Costs Passenger Jail Time, Six Figure Fine – Travel Pulse

That is an expensive bad decision.  Maybe these stories will happen less often if airlines went after the full amount of restitution owed like they did here.

Spirit’s new strategy: Be a less terrible airline – LA Times

Remember when Spirit embraced the suck?  When they gave points for telling you why you hated them.  It appears new management realized that was a terrible idea and they have steadily improved their on time status to the top spot overall.  I have flown Spirit 5-6 times in the last two years and have never had any complaints.  Well besides their frequent flyer program that is.

Best Tower of Terror: Which of the 4 Disney Towers Reigns Supreme? – Disney Hacks

A great comparison of the differences you can find for a certain ride at each park around the world.


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