American Airlines Hate Letter, Amex Glitch Fix, 2 Hyatt Card Hidden Benefits

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Dear American Airlines, I Hate You With My Whole Heart – The Root

We as experienced travelers know how this was going to play out when he is laying it out.  But that doesn’t mean that most people understand this or that the rule isn’t an overly punitive rule.  If you miss your first leg I don’t see why all legs should be canceled but that is how it is.  And an AA agent being rude….say it ain’t so!

PS – make sure to read some of the comments – they are worth it 😉

How To Avoid The Glitch That Affects Seeing Amex Offers In Your Amex Login – Doctor of Credit

American Express why do you have so many IT issues?  You can’t get credit card purchases to post properly and now this.  I have been dealing with this and I thought it was just me.  I kind of figured out how to get around it but it is still very annoying.  Chuck offers up some good tips to try too if you are having the same issue.


The Chase World of Hyatt card is one of my favorite cards on the market.  And I think it is the best overall hotel card because of the value it offers. These are two fringe “perks” of having the card that may be useful for some that they were not aware of.


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  1. It’s a guide for those who actively try to see what went wrong. But there’s so much complaining and “pity me” language that I’m sure many will come away with the idea that AA/the industry is evil and that there was little the author could’ve done to mitigate losses. It’s pretty much “I got screwed by these rules, there’s a good chance you will.”

    There’s more/better advice in the comments, but that’s offset by bad advice and more complaints. At least those reading the comments will realize the author could’ve done more; whether they’ll do further research or blindly follow a commenter’s advice, I don’t know.

    I hate the rule. And I hate that international one-ways on major carriers are insanely expensive, especially since I usually don’t have enough miles in a single account for a round-trip (for 2). At least flights to Europe are cheap nowadays…

    • I hate when one ways domestically are almost as much or more than the roundtrip prices (awards or cash) too. I also hate how taxes go up on one way award bookings versus roundtrip to Europe. I know the taxes are different depending on the airport but I still think it is kind of crazy. So many tiny rules and hoops to have to learn that the barrier to entry is a high learning curve, which is probably good for us 🙂

      I do think the author should have gone into more detail of what they should have done or wish they would have done differently. I did see some good advice in the comments as well – hopefully people read them.

  2. Oh man, I could feel my blood pressure rising as I read that AA article. The comments really were the cherry on top.

    Book wrong date? Check.
    Book through OTA? Check.
    Unaware of booking conditions? Check.
    > Not checking individual one-way prices so they’re out less money in case of a screw-up (or to potentially make at least some segments cancelable without shelling out too much money)? Check.
    > Not trying to book the replacement outbound flight through them to combine with the others? Check.
    Being confrontational on the phone with the agent? Check.

    • It was a guide on what not to do but I wouldn’t be surprised if more than 50% of people didn’t know any of these things. I do think it is an overly punitive rule. You paid for the ticket so it should be yours if you want to take some of the flights or all of the flights…that is my feeling on it at least.

      • But those 50% probably don’t read any of this, so they still wouldn’t know. I agree with George, that he really did do multiple things wrong, and doesn’t take responsibility for that. Blames everyone else! Would be nice if airlines did give some leeway, but it isn’t just American.

    • That is how some people express themselves but I do think they went overboard on them. I thought the heart of the story was worth sharing – that airlines will look for any way to get you versus to work with you.


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