Another IHG Negative Move, Honeymoon Ends in Tragedy, A Rocket Launcher in Luggage!?!

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

Here are some posts from around the web that I thought you may find interesting.  Let me know if there is anything good I missed.  Email me anything awesome that you find, or write, at


End of the road for bathroom miniatures as IHG opts for bulk-size amenities to reduce plastic waste – IHG

A few days after we discovered IHG has 100K properties they drop this info on us.  I don’t mind having bulk size things in budget properties but for all hotel lines.  This is kind of gross when you think about it.  Who knows who puts what in those things when staying there…that is why I sanitize when I fly!

TSA finds missile launcher in passenger’s checked bag – New York Post

If I am being honest my first thought is I bet they are in or are from Florida 🤣.  He was from Jacksonville, but it was Jacksonville Texas haha. Some people – I just don’t get their thought process.

Another Hiker Dies Trying To Reach Into The WildBus – Dead Spin

I enjoyed the Into the Wild movie and thoroughly loved the book.  I get why it is a draw to people but I wish only experienced outdoors people would give it a try.  It is sad to see they were on their honeymoon.


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