AA Removing Close in Booking Fee? 28% of Drivers Eat Your Food & Renting Disney Vacay Club Points to Save $$$

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Study: 28 percent of delivery drivers have eaten your food – KGW8

This makes me reconsider using DoorDash and UberEats etc.  I hope I forget about this study very quickly 🤣.  Ignorance is bliss!

How To Rent DVC Points And Save Money On Your Disney Stays – As the Joe Flies

This is some useful info on how to save some money on that next luxury vacation.

AA Removing Close in Booking Fee

JonNYC is usually spot on with his insider info when he posts about it.  This would be a great move on America’s part and hopefully United would follow suite (United is already making this change). It would put a little less value on British Airways Avios since that is one of the reasons I use them.  But they would still be valuable because of their freeish cancellations.


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  1. When DL eliminated the rapid redemption fee for award tickets using its miles, the change was part and parcel of it moving ahead on rip-off award ticket pricing.

    UA and AA are going down the same route as DL in this regard. And as I learned with DL, inevitably the ability to use partner airline miles on DL-operated flights became a lot harder. Much the same is expected to be true for using partner airline miles for UA- and AA-operated flights.

    While I welcome the elimination of the rapid redemption fees, with the US3 it’s a guarantee to come along with even more extreme rip-off award ticket pricing.

  2. DL eliminated this years ago. A few months ago, UA already announced it was getting rid of the expedite award booking fee. AA is just following suit.

    • I can’t believe I missed that – although United is just about the last airline I pay attention too. Thanks – I have updated the post!


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