Airbus’ Concerning Fix, Legionnaires at Atlanta Hotel, Puerto Rico Protests Affecting Tourism?

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11 former guests of an Atlanta hotel now have Legionnaires’ disease. Authorities have identified 55 more probable cases. – CNN

As much as I sanitize airplanes hotels can be just as bad if not worse.  Sometimes people even leave condoms under the mattress for some reason.

How Recent Protests Are Impacting Puerto Rico Tourism – Travel Pulse

Something to keep an eye on if you have upcoming travel to Puerto Rico planned.  It is too bad that they are having these issues just as they are recovering from the devastation of the hurricane.

‘Turn it Off and On Again Every 149 Hours’ Is a Concerning Remedy for a $300 Million Airbus Plane’s Software Bug – Gizmodo

This is kind of crazy. Come on government just make them ground the plane and do the update.  This is the same laziness and stupidity that lead to the Boeing 737MAX situation.


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  1. Wow. That is some awful reporting, even by CNN’s standards. The name of the “prominent hotel” is not given in the article.


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