eBay Scammers Using Money Mules, Elderly Woman Left at Wrong Gate & Then Charged for 2nd Flight , Chase Forgives Debts in Canada

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How eBay scammers turned Nespresso lovers into money mules – Mashable 

This isn’t anything new and similar to people buying and selling gift cards with stolen credit cards.  It is bizarre that they were sending out tons of extras though.  That part does not make sense.

Airline Delivers Elderly Woman to Wrong Gate, Forces Her to Pay for New Ticket – Travel Pulse

It is getting very annoying that airlines are unwilling to do or look into anything until it gets covered by the media.

‘It’s crazy’: Chase Bank forgiving all debt owed by its Canadian credit card customers – CBC

I wish we knew what kind of total numbers we are talking about here. I am surprised Chase didn’t simply hand it over to a collection agency so that they could get at least some of it back.  The costs associated must have outweighed the outstanding debt.  That or they needed a write off on their books!


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  1. The eBay scam has been going on for years. A couple of years ago I bought $500 worth of forever stamps for $400 on eBay. The stamps were shipped to me directly from the USPS with a receipt inside billing someone in New Jersey’s credit card the full $500. No question it was a stolen credit card but I never heard anything from eBay or anyone else. I also bought a new iPad on eBay and a few months later got a call from a detective in Georgia telling me it had been bought from Best Buy with a credit card that had been opened using identity theft. They did not make me return the iPad. The point is, this type of fraud happens on eBay all the time.

    • I am not surprised by that part of it – it is sending out the extra merch that doesn’t make sense to me.

    • I am a stamp dealer. Another eBay scam is counterfeit Forever stamps out of China. They are very high quality. The easiest way to tell is they have a weird plastic smell. Some have incorrect or absent plate numbers.


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