Disney Under Fire, Norwegian Going Belly Up? 5 Travel Experiences Worth the Splurge


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This is something to keep our eyes on but it doesn’t look good.  They continue to take on more debt and I don’t see a way out in sight.

Disney Under Fire After Leaving Cruise Staff in Bahamas – Travel Pulse

I think this is a bit over the top since they had a secure shelter on the island and it wasn’t being hit with the main part of the storm.  I am not sure if it would have been more dangerous to try to transport them out of there or not.  But it sounds like everything they needed was there on the island.  But it was still a risk for sure.

5 Travel Experiences Worth the Splurge – Miles for Family

I do agree with Nancy on the Big Front Seat.  The price normally goes for less than coach on other airlines which is kind of insane when you think about it. I would put lie flat seats on overnight flights, I don’t really need them for day time flights. I would also say a suite upgrade can be worth the cost when traveling with family to give the kids their own room.  There is nothing worse than having to go to bed a 9pm because the kids are :).


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  1. I was startled by your Norwegian mention.

    After mentioning cruises in another section, I assumed you were referencing Norwegian Cruise Lines.

    Be aware of your audience. We follow a variety of news. Thanks

  2. On the Disney front, the only thing I can see that they might have done wrong is to say that they would evacuate, then not do it. Having been through a major hurricane, I can tell you that having a top notch shelter with food, water, and power in a safe place is a wonderful thing. It’s even better after the hurricane, when everyone else is without those things.


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