Barclaycard Devalues Cards, Airline Bag Handling Rankings are Surprising & 25 Things to do in Porto


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Barclaycard Removes Extended Warranty & Price Protection Benefits – Doctor of Credit

First Citi nerfed their travel benefits and other perks and now Barclaycard.  I wonder if issuers are trying to shed costs before the predicted upcoming economic downturn etc.  It will be interesting to see how much the Uber card’s cell phone coverage changes since that is a great perk of the card.

Southwest Mishandles Fewer Bags Than Airlines That Charge for Bags – Running with Miles

It is kind of comical that the airline that doesn’t charge for bags does a better job than the big 3 do.  I was more surprised to see that the low cost carriers are the best at it though.  Impressive numbers from Allegiant!


My buddy just went on a trip to Porto and absolutely loved it.  Here is a good list to get you started on your visit there if it is on your list.


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  1. I can see Allegiant, Frontier, & Spirit being low because they do not (as is my understanding, correct me if wrong) do connecting flights, thus leaving less chances for things to get lost between points A, B, and C.

    That said, it ought to be an absolute automatic refund of luggage fees if *anything* goes wrong with one’s luggage while in the custody of an airline (or train or bus or cruise line, for that matter

    • They do have connecting flights – I don’t think they are as prevalent as they are with the other major players but they do have them.

      I agree that the least they should do is waive the bag fee when things go wrong.


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