Japan’s Sex Recession, Influencer Banned from Cathay, Saudia Arabia Prepares to Offer Tourist Visas

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Saudi Arabia prepares to offer its first ever tourist visas two weeks after terror attacks – CNBC

I am always happy to see more countries opening up their borders to visitors but I think with how unstable the area currently is it could be dicey.  Although Cancun is a little dicey right now and it is still the #1 travel destination for Americans so I am not sure if many will be deterred from Saudi Arabia or not.

Blagger ‘influencer’ is banned from Cathay Pacific for life for demanding business class upgrade – The Sun

What a bizarre story.  Cathay Pacific has been firing employees right and left from the demonstrations so I thought they may try to lay low for a while.  But I am not so sure they are on the wrong side of this.  I have a healthy level of distrust in social media influencers.

The cautionary tale of Japan’s “sex recession” – CBS News

I have a feeling digital connections, social media and online activity is a major culprit here.  The younger generation isn’t creating as many meaningful relationships these days because a lot of their interaction is online.


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