Vacationers Find $600K Of Cocaine, Millions Unprepared for Real ID, 40K Far Away Vote

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Family finds $600,000 worth of cocaine floating near a South Carolina beach – STL Today

“This is a very infrequent occurrence,” Bromage said. “This happened maybe a handful of times in the past decade.” Huh, seems more frequent then I would have guessed.  What a crazy story it would be though.

Millions of Americans Unprepared for Real ID – Travel Pulse

This is something many of us probably still need to get done, including me.

Vote for your favorite 40K to Far Away trip! – Frequent Miler

Many people have been following along while the challenge has been happening and now is your chance to vote on the winner.


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  1. The PR campaign for the REAL ID is absurd. If you have a passport, you’re okay other than being another form of ID to carry, which should be the first headline of all these articles. They fear-monger so hard that you’d think you won’t be able to function without it.

    My home state of MN wasn’t even compliant until recently and now they fear a run on the poor DMV if you need one. Given all the application time it now takes, they’ve actually shortened the daily window of service so they can properly process all the added paperwork.

    Just wish they’d given this much attention to matters that are worth it.

    • It is annoying and you should be able to do it online really. I just renewed my license a few months back and completely flaked on this. You think they would make a point to make sure you go ahead and do it then.

      I think I’ll probably still get one just so I don’t have to take my passport everywhere but I shudder thinking about sitting in the DMV again lol


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