American FAs Caught Laundering Money, How to Calculate Mile Earnings & Disneyland Hong Kong Castle Details

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The Hong Kong Disneyland Castle Continues Its Slow Reveal, But Is It Too Big? – Disney Hacks

I like that they are combining aspects of every princesses castle.  That makes it pretty unique in my opinion.

4 American Airlines flight attendants arrested at Miami airport on money laundering charges – NBC News

Not a ton of info on what they were doing in the piece.  It will be interesting to see as more details come out.  I am pretty sure you can bring in up to $10,000 in currency so I am not sure why he lied at first and brought on suspicion.  And since they all were carrying under the amount I wonder how the case will go unless one of them when then deposit it all into one account.  That would be kind of like structuring.  Hopefully more details come out.

Easily Calculate How Many Miles You’ll Earn for a Flight – Bougie Miles

Some good tips from Bethany on how to figure out what you will earn for a flight and you can also play around with it to see which program will earn you the most.  If you have issues with the pictures loading try it on your phone.


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