Amex Pre Approved Offers, Million Dollar Parking Spot & Why You Need To Clean Up Your Amazon Account

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

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American Express No Lifetime Language Offers Showing Under ‘Pre-Approved’ Checker – Doctor of Credit

I always love these no lifetime offers.  I got one for the Delta card which actually bypassed my pop up issue. Since then I have finally defeated the pop up.  This round of offers are coming right after Amex had the email referral offers without lifetime language.  Those have since died though.

Why you may want to clean out your cc list in your Amazon account – Miles Per Day

I do this every so often with Amazon and PayPal etc.  I do it more to clean things up a bit but Vinh gives you some good reasons you should do it regardless.

Hong Kong parking space sells for almost $1 million – CNN Travel

It would be amazing if this was for a junky car.  It reminds of people using a parking spot as an office in San Francisco.


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