Manufacturing Delta Status, From Bubble Tea To Disaster & Airbus Can’t Keep Up With Demand

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

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Manufacturing Delta elite status in 2020 and beyond – Frequent Miler

I am not one to chase airline elite status.  I just don’t fly one airline enough to make it valuable and I rarely pay cash which makes it near impossible.  Delta has been the one airline where it was possible to earn status without flying a ton. Things have changed quite a bit over the last few years and Greg takes a detailed look at what that means for 2020.

Airbus Can’t Keep Up With Demand in Wake of Max Grounding – Travel Pulse

No surprise that airlines have been flocking to Airbus in the wake of the issues Boeing has had.  It sounds like they are trying to keep up with the increase but it is an uphill climb.

From bubble tea to disaster: How one Vietnamese dreamer apparently met her fate – Reuters

What a sad story about one of the people suspected to be in the trailer found in London with 39 dead. It is humbling to see the risks people will take to try to better their life and to get to a place many people take for granted when they are born into it.


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