Is the AT&T Access More Card Gone for Good?


AT&T Access More Application Links

AT&T Access More Application Links Gone

Oh the AT&T Access More card. One of those products that just seems too good to be true. 3X ThankYou points on all online purchases? Surely there is a catch? Actually, although a few things here and there don’t code as 3X, for the most part what you see is what you get. Of course that is if you can actually get one. The card just hit its first birthday and seems to have disappeared.

It seems that the AT&T Access More card is not available any longer for online sign-ups. (And as far as I know it has never been available over the phone.) A couple of months ago Citi removed the card completely from their website. Thankfully a link remained on the AT&T website in the footer. That link is still there, but unfortunately this is what it leads to:

AT&T Access More Application Links

After seeing this error, I checked Flyertalk and indeed it appears all of the links are dead. I searched around the internet and found a few random application links but they all give error messages as well. Sigh.

Still Some Hope?

It is clear that Citi is currently revamping their credit card products in some way. What that means in the long term isn’t quite evident, but they have recently removed bonuses on their ThankYou Preferred and Premier cards and changed churning rules. Hopefully things will settle down and this card will return. In the mean time, perhaps someone should tell AT&T that their link is broken?!?

Update: I just found this working link on Reddit. Hopefully it sticks around.

Have you managed to find a working link? Please let us know in the comments!

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    • It does mention the phone offer in saying who is eligible (without details), but there is always a risk when applying directly on an application. I don’t believe the annual fee has ever been waived on this card. That is standard.

  1. I used your link to signup yesterday. It went into ‘further review’, but now seems to have been approved.
    Thanks for the link, Shawn!


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