Attention Readers and Bloggers Alike – I Need Your Help

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Our Articles Around the Web Series Needs Your Help

Our Articles Around the Web Series Needs Your Help

We are started our Roundup series again, where we collect interesting articles/deals from around the web.  I would like to ask you guys for your help.  If you find anything interesting from a smaller blog or your write a blog and think you have something worth taking a look at please email me.  My contact is

How You Can Help

If the article adds something of value we will add it in.  This gives your blog, or your favorite blogger, a chance to get some more eyeballs on the article.  It helps our readers get a lot of great info all in one place.

We will have most of the larger blogs covered on our own and we will add their stuff in as we come across it.  But I need help mining the more obscure, hard to find goodies that you as a collective group can do a better job with than I ever could.  Let’s work together to get the best work out there for all to see!


Thanks in advance – I hope you enjoy the series.  It should be posting every Saturday and some Tuesdays or Wednesdays if we get enough material!


  1. Mark, I did all the stadiums about 7 years ago and had a ball so to speak. Half the fun was matching the MLB schedule with one way mileage tickets to get me to as many games as possible in a short period of time. Keep track of your total out of pocket for game tickets, hotels and airfares. It would be fun to compare costs with someone doing it now

    • I have a tripped planned for May to see the Royals and the Cardinals. I am probably going to take a lot longer to get them all done compared to you lol. Still looking to add 2-4 more throughout the year. I would love to compare notes after it is all said and done!


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