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Since 2007 Shawn Coomer has been circling the globe with his family for pennies on the dollar. He uses that first-hand knowledge and experience to teach others how to achieve their travel dreams for the least amount of money possible.
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Profit + Points! New Coin Deal to Generate Spend + Big Profit!

Another super easy coin deal is coming next week which will pay both a hefty profit and generate some free spend on your credit card of choice!

Catastrophic Card Deval, Amex’s Best Biz Card Gets a Bonus, Losing & Finding $226, SoFi Referral How To & More!

A recap of the best post and deals including fee-free 5X for two weeks, best business class to Africa, tips for planning a family vacation and one of the best cards gets absolutely gutted.

My Grocery Store Stopped Accepting Visa, But Has Now Backtracked: Visa Won the Battle, But Who Will Win the War

My local Kroger stopped accepting Visa cards for payment awhile ago. This has hurt given I have a very lucrative grocery Visa earning card, however things are about to change.

I Found $226 & How to Avoid Lost Money with Online Financial Apps, Accounts & Tools!

I recently discovered $226 in portal cashback I had forgotten about. Here is how best to avoid such a scenario plus what to do if you are getting bogged down with too many new financial accounts, apps and tools!

Airfare Steal: Los Angeles to Hawaii for only 10K Miles ROUNDTRIP!

Fly from Los Angeles to various islands in Hawaii for just 5K miles one-way or 10K roundtrip. One of the better mileage deals to Hawaii we have seen!

Airfare Steal: U.S. to Australia & New Zealand for 6K One-Way or 10K RT on American Airlines

Fly from the West Coast to Australia and New Zealand for just 10K AAdvantage miles roundtrip!

Hilton Timeshare Torture, Amex RAT, Best Grocery Cards, Hyatt Charged Without Permission & More!

A recap of the best posts and deals including suffering through a Hilton timeshare presentation, saving 15% or more consistently on Disney, rocking Lowe's Halloween clearance, best grocery cards, best miles for around the world & much more!

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