Award Wallet Beta is Here! Do You Want to Try it For Yourself?


award wallet beta

Award Wallet Beta

Award Wallet is the best way to track all of your miles & points programs. I have been using it for many years and have tried most of the competitors and they either didn’t work or support dried up over the years. This is one of the few products I use every day.

The company has completely redesigned their service an re-written the code from the ground up. This results in a much cleaner look and a vast departure from their old design. It does take a little getting used to and there are a few things I don’t like, but overall I find it to be a vast improvement.

award wallet beta
A sample of the new design. A lot of grey and white.

Right now the new site is in beta, but Award Wallet has given me some invitations to their beta for readers of Miles to Memories. They are still working out some bugs before rolling this out completely, but want to scale up the number of people who are using the service in order to test it out.

Get the Upgrade

If you would like to upgrade your Award Wallet account to beta simply click this link.

If you don’t currently have an Award Wallet account sign-up first (my personal referral link) and then click the link above to upgrade to the beta program.

As of this going live, I have around 500 upgrades to give away. Once they are all gone I’ll try to remove the link, however I am on a plane right now so it could take awhile. If you don’t get one of the upgrades I’ll try to secure more, but I’m told the new site will be going live relatively soon.

What do you think of the new design? Is it an improvement? Make sure to let the company know what works and doesn’t so they can continue to improve their service!

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  1. First time user of any type of App like this. I don’t have any airline cards but have the AMEX MR pts, Chase FR pts and Citi points. I do plan on getting airline cards eventually though as I am just getting into the game. I clicked on your link for to register a new account – hope I didn’t need a coupon code. I will let you and the app developers know my feedback. Thanks!

  2. I find this design to be terrible. Everything blends in together due to the repeated very light color and it’s hard to distinguish between the data. As someone who works on product experience and design, I am very surprised this passed the testing phase.

    • I agree some areas do blend together and some more distinction will help. A couple of weeks ago I spoke with the owner and he really is committed to making a great product. I’m sure they are listening.


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