Bank of America $66 Million Class Action Settlement for Overdraft Fees


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Bank of America Overdraft Fees Class Action Settlement

Top Class Actions announced that Bank of America finally settled their overdraft fee class action for 66.6 million dollars. Approximately 5.9 million customers were affected by this practice and are entitled to reparations.

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Who is Entitled

Anyone who was charged an Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge is entitled to this settlement according to the lawsuit.  Bank of America charged this fee if the $35 overdraft fee was not paid within a certain time frame. The Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge was claimed to be an extra fee for the same thing, nothing new was provided by the bank.

Bank of America has agreed that they will not charge an Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge for at least 5 years as a part of the settlement.

The following people are eligible:

  • If you had an account from 2/25/14 and 12/30/17
  • And were charged an Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge at least once

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How to Enter a Claim

There is no need to enter a claim.  If you were billed an Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge you are already entered into the settlement.  You will receive your settlement automatically unless you opt out.

The amount will depend on how many times you were charged the fee and the total number of people eligible.

If you have a BOA checking account the money will be deposited directly into your account.  If you no longer have a checking account you will be mailed a check.

The exclusion date is 4/20/2018

Here is a link to the settlement’s FAQ section.


If you were charged one of these fees then this settlement is a good thing.  I like the fact that you don’t need to submit a claim and that affect people are automatically enrolled.

These fees are big business for the banks and I am glad that they have been cracking down on them.  It is part of the reason I don’t feel bad taking their money when signing up for $2400 in checking account bonuses each year.


Miles to Memories has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Miles to Memories and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

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      • Mark Ostermann.
        Have you been looking at this website recently?
        It has turned into a racist, foul language website and needs to be shut down. It is not serving the purpose that you intended it for. It was great getting the info on the settlement, but now has turned nasty.

  1. I have been charged overdraft cbarges 5 or 6 times i have received no notice and i am in the middle of moving .now how can i follow this law suit who can i contact .

    • samething with my husband. he got a card in the mail stateing he was in the settlement. he moved from time. what to do. how do we find out if the check was sent

    • People, let’s to give a call for the Judge !! Anyone here has the right phone number from there ? I sent a letter for them last month but nobody replies.

  2. I received the card and every time I went online to complete as I normally would do it said it wasn’t necessary and gave no option to fill anything out- it said if you received a card, you were automatically included and would eventually receive a settlement check when completed. Boa was the worst bank I ever had…they always moved around my transactions to charge multiple overdrafts

    • It is my understanding that we will receive 10% of the value of our claim. So if you had 1000 in overdraft fees, you will get 100 dollars. Guess its better than nothing.

      • 66 million payout, 5.5 million or so people affected. 10%???? With that much money all those 35$ charges should be paid back.

      • We talking about illegal interest that the court agreed too in the documents provided by the case hopefully u read the whole document correctly as stated in the document order to show cause BOA stated they took 871 million from ACCOUNTHOLDER and 29 million from DEBT HOLDERS. U cant justify those numbers please read.

    • I’m not really sure how much we’re getting probably what they charged us in fees maybe if we’re lucky a little extra

    • Well if its a 66 million dollar lawsuit and the article says 5.9 million customers may be eligible that works out to approximately $11 eachm and thats before the bloodthirsty lawyers get thier share.

  3. Folks the ruling happen yesterday on June 18th in the US Southern District Of California CourtHouse I don’t if they approved the settlement or not but I do know it took place at 11am local time so if you live on the east coast that would be 2pm for you and 1pm CST. The amount that you get is based on how many times BOA charged you that extra $35 after the first charge of you over drafting your account the amount to be paid out is 66.6 million dollars to 5.9 million people they have to pay out for 3 years so do the math although it won’t be the same amount of money for each person it still is a nice little piece of change!!!

      • Quick question if I need to do an overdraft to get supplies for a job what is the most I can overdraft if I make around $11 an hour and in trying to start a business I have a business account

        • I wouldn’t overdraft any amount especially if you are unable to repay the overdraft within a day or two since you will get hit with heavy fees.

      • exactly.. how is that a nice little piece of change? that is not even the 35.00 that was charged! unless they mean that 5.9 million is how many overdrafts they have to pay back and not how many customers.

      • Please read all documents before commenting I’m not reading 11.00 or counted up INTEREST at 11.00 sorry maybe u dont belong if u cant read

    • I just feel it’s unfair to reward ppl from 2014-2017 only this is so unfair. I had overdraft issue with this bank back in either 2008 or 2009 and I had a big problem with them but no action was taking. So i believe they should reaward everyone that had this issue and not just certain ppl.

  4. The big issue is the damn Lawyers they want more than they should, leaving us with just 10% of the total amount of the claim the Judge will not allow them to get that much hopefully>>> the terms and fees that the Lawyers want is being Challenged by another BOA victim…

  5. Also, one other thing I called the lawyers office and the judge has not yet come back with his decision yet the lady says to call back in a couple of days and they may have new info here is the phone number and address>>
    Address: 1828 L St NW Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20036
    Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5 PM est
    Phone: (202) 973-090

    • Thanks travis for that but whats thelast number to the phone number and i have been keeping up with this until the court date yesterday and cant find no info but what u said. The greedy ass lawyers want it all. But we have Rachel Threatt and her attorney sticking up for the consumers, they are called COMPETETIVE ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE CENTER FOR CLASS ACTION FAIRNESS. They objecting to the attorneys asking for most of the money.

      • (202) 973-0900 sorry about that and no worries I’m keeping up with it. The main reason why there hasn’t been any news just yet is that the Judge has not come back with his ruling yet when I find out I will let you guys know first… That is correct Brian COMPETETIVE ENTERPRISE is indeed fighting on our behalf Rachel is our New best friend, fingers cross guys if she’s successful we may be getting a lot more back than we realize!!!

          • Well, Sarah, that depends How many times you Over Drafted your account between 2/25/14 to 12/30/17 and out of those times how many times did BOA charge an additional $35 after 5 days? like in my case I had to overdraft nearly 3 times in a month EVERY MONTH….lol

  6. Hey Travis. I do appreciate the information. I Sharnette is very concerned about this class action lawsuits also. Hopefully, this will be resolved ASAP.

  7. Don’t expect windfall profits here people. At most it’s only going to be a couple hundred each. Maybe a little more for someone with numerous $35 overdraft fees. Thousands being deposited into your account is not going to happen. With that said, thank you for posting what you have Travis, better information coming from you here than anywhere else I searched online.

    ***I just called, (Friday, June 22 at 1pm) the lawyers office in D.C. and was told the judge’s ruling has not come down yet, and maybe the middle of next week we will know a little more. – Tom

  8. But we should get all our overdraft charges back to us, correct? Even though they have to spilt among everyone else. (Meaning they’ll have enough to pay us back our EOBC?)

  9. @Thomas – So does that mean, it’s going to be even longer to get a anything back?? It seems like it’s gettung even more complicated.

    • Travis wrote earlier: “The last time they had a class action like this one it took about a month to get everyone’s funds out to them.” We are dealing with millions of people and millions of dollars, this could be a while. I will call back on Wednesday and post here what I am told. I will also ask if they have any information on the amount and when we will receive it.

  10. @Thomas I just thought the settlement was not finalized cause I read something, someone posted about what the lawyers are getting is asking too much money. Besides that, it needs to be finalized b4 anything comes through to us, which might take longer than a month?

    • The settlement has not been announced because the judge has not given his final ruling on it yet. And, you’re right, the lawyers are trying to get much more than they deserve, a lot more. I really don’t know how long it could take to have the money dispersed, I will call back on Tuesday or Wednesday to see where it all stands. There is a woman named Rachel Threatt who has filed a lawsuit on our behalf. Scroll up and click on the links and read what’s there.

  11. Okay…thank you!! Cases like this, I always feel like it’s always in the best interest of the lawyers & never for the people. No matter what, the lawyers end up getting the bigger chunk of it & we are basically wasting our time. Yes, we should deal with it fairly & split it accordingly so everyone goes home happy!! As always, thanks for the continuous updates. 🙂

  12. So I just called the law office and the judge is not back yet with his ruling. I was told they don’t have any idea when it will happen, and it’s tough to put a time frame on something like this. I will call again on Friday.

    The number I called: 202.973.0900

  13. Thank you to everyone in this thread! I have been researching for days just to find out if the judge made a decision. What a cluster! Between the lawyer ads and inaçcurate news articles I just about gave up.

    Bank of America has been charging this fee on my account, at least 2 times a month, since I opened the account. I just wanted to find out that they [B of A] will have to pay me back the $35 that they erroneously charged me when I could least afford it!

  14. I’ve been following this case since I received the post card that I am apart of the settlement and it’s so unfair that the lawyer wants more of our money and leaving us with so little to nothing. Please keep me updated

    • The last time I called was Wednesday, June 26. I will call again on this coming Friday, July 6. Nothing more to tell than this, though maybe it’s a good thing that the judge is taking a little while. It may mean that he is not completely in step with the lawyers and is giving this more thought.

  15. THANK YOU Thomas for the continuous updates & follow-up!! We will be looking forward to hearing from you soon again.

  16. Thanks to all!! This is the only place I’ve found updates that are up to date….i know I had to let that bank account go due to all the fees I know the charges came to me often but too often to know for sure how many!

  17. Okay, so I just called and I was told that the judge has asked for more briefing on one of the points of the case, so this is going to last until, at least, late August. We won’t get a ruling until then at the earliest. Sorry for the bad news everyone.

  18. Okay, so I just called and I was told that the judge has asked for more briefing on one of the points of the case, so this is going to last until, at least, late August. We won’t get a ruling until then at the earliest. Sorry for the bad news everyone.

    *I will keep checking every couple weeks just in case this changes.

  19. Why I agree with Thomas that we won’t really receive windfall profits on the order of thousands of dollars in our account I did just realize exactly what’s going on in terms of the numbers here so let me lay them out for you the lawsuit is 66.6 million dollars there are a total of 5.9 million people involved in the suit that means even if they gave every one of us a million dollars each there will be something like $55 million dollars left, give or take a couple hundred thousand or two so I have a hard time believing that we won’t get a substantial amount in our accounts, however, there’s the lawyer fees to consider and court cost and that’s where we have our rub the lawyers involved in this case are being very greedy and I’m told that it’s creating procedural issues in the Southern District of California Court I would expect to hear a decision soon on this matter but that’s just something to go over in your minds how do you split 66.6 million dollars amongst 5.9 million people plus the lawyers? In the court case as I stated earlier the amount is based on how many times Bank of America charged you that extended overdrawn fee of $35 after 5 days yes there is interest I’m told on each transaction Bank of America will have to pay some interest back on each transaction. That’s all I have for now but anyway guys if you want to read up on the lawsuit and want to know more information here’s the link to the website for this particular settlement.

  20. I wonder how the interest gets factored in? Looks like I got charged over 60+ EOBC without my knowledge. 🙁

  21. I agree Travis, it is going to come down to how much the judge gives the lawyers. A significant amount of the majority of the money should go to the people who have been done wrong. And by the way, your math is absolutely right. Sucks that we may have another six to seven weeks of waiting. I will call back in a few weeks to see if anything new has materialized. Hopefully, the judge asking for a little more info on a part of the case, which he did recently, is the last hold up. At least he is taking his time and being thorough, that may be working in our favor. If one is to go to the website per the links below you can see that this company, Competitive Enterprise Institute, has a great track record of winning cases like this. I have copied these links again as we have some new people posting comments.

  22. I just called the (202)9730900 number as of July, 3,2018 and was told that we will know by September what the amount would be. I talked to a guy named Nathan Laport. Remember this is not the only time that this has happened. If you type on line you will find out that this is an on going situation with this bank.

    • Thanks, Francine and Thomas for the information I am glad we all connected like this we have something in common the Banks is screwing us all over this Country is losing sight of what’s important and that’s the people. please continue to comment and remember much more joins us than divides us and right now this Lawsuit binds us to the whelms of the court and I pray that our luck holds!!!

  23. My bank account with them is now closed due to all the fees they chagre….i know I paid these fees numorous times but how can I find out how many/ how much??

  24. Travis, you may want to go back and check your math again. The number that has been agreed to is $66.6 million and there are 5.9 million people, that is $11.28 per person. I don’t know how you came to “if each person is given a million dollars there is still $55 million left.”

    After clicking on the link below, scroll down to the top of page nine and look at the “amount” and “description.” The $66.6 million is just for cash payments and debt reduction. Have you come across anything regarding the $1.2 billion number? Is that the REAL number to be dispersed among the 5.9 million people? That would make more sense than just $66.6 million. Feel free to contradict me if I have this wrong.

  25. $1,268,600,000 divided by 5,900,000 is $21,500. Of course this is before the lawyers chime in with their absurd demands. Assuming I have it correct that the 1.2 billion is the “real” number going to be dispersed to the masses.

    Give the above link a read people, there is a lot of lawyer jargon, but the more you read it, it does start to make sense.

  26. Yes, I know that 11 million dollar number as well trust me I did that first…lol I suspect we won’t be getting that amount but we still could end up with a nice little bump in our accounts okay so from my understanding here is what I know to be true Estimated Award

    Current Bank of America accounts holders will receive a cash payment deposited directly to their account. Former Bank of American account holders will receive a check payment. Actual settlement payouts are dependent on the number of overdraft fees incurred by Class members.

    Additionally, “debt relief will be provided to Settlement Class members whose checking accounts were closed in overdrawn status with an EOBC still pending and whose overdrawn balances remain due and owing to BANA. Debt relief will be provided in the form of debt reduction, in an amount up to $35.”
    Thomas That 1.2 billion dollar number is referring to the money that all us as account holders will save over the next five years because BOA will not be charging that extra $35 now this is how the money will actually be divided What does the Settlement provide?
    The Settlement provides that BANA will provide sixty-six million six hundred thousand dollars ($66,600,000) to settle the class action (the “Settlement Amount”). Of the Settlement Amount, BANA will pay thirty-seven million five hundred thousand dollars ($37,500,000) in cash, and BANA will provide debt reduction in an amount estimated to equal twenty-nine million one hundred thousand dollars ($29,100,000). After paying certain other costs and court-approved amounts, the cash relief will be distributed among Settlement Class Members who paid one or more EOBCs that they incurred in connection with their BANA personal checking accounts between February 25, 2014, and December 30, 2017.

    Settlement Class Members who currently hold the BANA checking accounts from which they paid EOBCs during the Class Period will have their cash awards deposited directly into their accounts. Settlement Class Members who no longer hold the BANA checking accounts from which they paid EOBCs during the Class Period will receive their cash awards via check. Each Settlement Class Member’s cash award will depend upon the number of EOBCs the Settlement Class Member paid and on the total number of Settlement Class Members. The debt relief will be provided to Settlement Class Members whose consumer checking accounts were closed in overdrawn status with an EOBC still pending and whose overdrawn balances remain due and owing to BANA. Debt relief will be provided in the form of debt reduction, in an amount up to $35, but in no event exceeding the amount of a Settlement Class Member’s overdrawn balance remaining due and owing to BANA. Debt relief will not result in any cash payments to Settlement Class Members.

  27. I am aware of all that, either way $66.6 million isn’t going to be much once it is spread out. It’ll be a couple hundred at most per person. One could make the argument that BOA should only have to repay the $35 fees to everyone. I couldn’t careless if this is only going to be fifty or a hundred bucks.

    • Thomas you misunderstand me yes the money will be spread out amongst all of us however it will not be spread out eqaually as I said before it’s based on how many times an individual included in this lawsuit was charged the extended overdrawn balance fee and from my understanding they are paying back the exact amount of money that they charged us in terms of the extended overdrawn balance so that would mean all the EXTENDED $35 fees that they charged us they would have to pay that back with interest I don’t believe that all of us will get the same amount because some people only overdraft maybe once in those three years from 2014 and 2017 but others may have overdrafted over a hundred times in that same period like me LOL so the money won’t be split up equally and like I said I tend to agree with you that yes we won’t be receiving any great amount of money in our bank accounts because they will figure out some way to give it to somebody else I was just saying it seems like it would be much simpler if they just paid us all a million and just shut the hell up LOL

    • This is saying that anyone who did not pay the overdraft fees and let there account close will not get anything. They r only gonna pay your 35 thst is owe to bank that means that that these people will not get interest tha people that paid there overdraft will get interest and the real money. Believe me most of the 5.9 million people r people who did not pay and let there account close. So that how some people will get a nice check and spme won’t. So if u closed ur account with a negative balance will not get anything.

  28. We just have to be patient & wait for the outcome. As long as I get back what they took from me (charged me), that will suffice – it seems like it’s dragging out cause certain people are getting greedy & wanting more??

  29. I totally agree, people that weren’t even affected from these charges are getting overwhelmed with greed! They just can’t pass up a peice of any Ol’ pie!!!

  30. I could also use the money they charged me. Seems like they re-arranged my purchases to make sure I had more than one overdraft charge.

  31. B of A are experts at re-arranging transactions so you always get charged overdraft fees. I learned this the hard way.

  32. Exactly!! I AGREE with you JoAn. I would check my balance & it would reflect a positive balance. They would make it to where my balance would fall negative discreetly & unnoticeable, so that they could start rolling out EOBC. I would question & ask a rep. but their answers were so vague, it just didn’t make sense. I quit calling after that cause I knew they would always have a hideous excuse to cover up themselves. Sad but true!!

  33. Travis or Thomas;
    The two of you seem to have kept up with this case and have the most knowledge on it. The legal jargon in the court documents is ridiculous. It makes me feel like a dummy when I read it. Anyway, I understand that the bank will reimburse us for every $35 extended overdraft fee that they charged and also interest on that amount. My question is this, what percentage of interest will they pay and if we have an interest bearing checking account will they pay the rate that my account was yielding at the time that they took it out or amount it yields now? I keep seeing 8.8% but like I said, the legalese dumbfounds me. If you can answer my questions I would really appreciate it. I’m looking at about seventy-five $35 fees between 2/14-12/17. That would be a nice little xmas fund! Thank you for all the information that you have researched for us thus far.
    Marta Binkerd

  34. I was involved in the last BofA class action settlement back in 2011/2012. I ended up getting a nice chunk of change when it was all said and done. Unfortunately I learned nothing from that experience as I am once again a BofA checking customer, and once again am involved in this current class action lawsuit. I hope a decision is reached soon as I am receiving spam related to ” a class action settlement payout” daily that has already, wait for it….resulted in fraud on my BofA checking account. BofA of course has been no help at all, insisting that I am at fault. Please keep the updates coming as this is the only place I now trust for information.

  35. I think i read on motley fool, June 19,2018, that the judge said it violated the national bank act’s usury limits. I really hope this is true!

  36. To Thomas- you were involved in a class action suit with B of A in the past I’m not asking for your exact numbers but is there anyway you can give an example of how this one might turn out for us members of this settlement individually, if you can give any insight of an outcome at all? I’m just curious in case the last one was similar in numbers and you may be able to give a more accurate number for us then anyone else has been able to come up with! i know all of them are different but you have dealt with a similar situation so what do you think of the numbers involved with this settlement?

    • No, I have never been involved in a BOA lawsuit, Travis posted that he has been. I only know a little about what is going on because I have called the law office in Washington D. C. that is handling this and have read up on information via the links I posted earlier. You might as well put this out of your mind until late August, as I won’t be calling again for another six weeks. I was told that is the earliest date for getting to a resolution. And, when it comes to the amount, if you go back and read the previous posts from everyone, nobody has any real clue as to what we will be getting. It is just a waiting game at this point. Sorry, there is nothing more to add. I suggest you refer to earlier posts and brush up on the information that the links I posted will provide.

  37. @Harrison – I think Danielle was referring to Thomas Konetski not Thomas Harrison.
    @Konetski – If you don’t mind sharing, what was the previous settlement for & what was the grand total amount won by the lawsuit? How many members were involved? Just curious if you would like to share that info with us all. Thanks again!!

  38. hello everyone any new update yet im a member of this lawsuit also im a vet they screwed me over and took alot of my money stupid people with power makes poor people suffer everytime

  39. I just realized that the bank is still taking out the overdraft fees and not keeping up with my keep the charge in my account that ended up with my account to receive the overdraft fees I just want this to hurry up so I can gladly get a new bank that will help.

  40. Hey y’all I just checked the website and they posted this so I am copied and paste this for all the people who is concerning when will they have there final answers.

    Update July 6, 2018:
    Following the Final Approval Hearing, Judge Lorenz requested further briefing pertaining to approval of the Settlement. The briefing will be completed by August 27, 2018, after which the Court will rule. Class members may check this website after the briefing is complete for the status of Settlement approval.

  41. To clarify (from my understanding): the overdraft fee itself ($35) does not breach the anti-usury law. This is because the fee represents a service by the Bank (it is permitting you to overdraw your account). It is the “extended” fee of $35 imposed by the Bank when you omit fully to rectify the overdrawn amount (including the overdraft fee of $35) by a certain date which is the subject of the action. This “extended fee” is in substance a fee on a fee: the Bank is providing *no* additional service to you for which they can legitimately charge, and thus this fee does breach the anti-usury law.

    By the way. Has anyone noticed that, three months ago, a “monthly account keeping fee” started to be imposed (at least on my account). It is $12 a month, $144 a year! For the privilege of BoA using my money! If I cannot get this fee significantly reduced or waived, I’m moving my money elsewhere.

  42. wow so you already got paid out and supposedly they havent made a full decision! might i ask how many fees you paid!?

  43. Hmmm…and I wonder why would they send out a check first when sending the funds electronically would reach more people a lot faster…

  44. @Konetski so you dont wanna give us any insight of the past suit and how it may look for us on this one….nobody is asking for specifics but any insight would be nice, wont be holding it to you if it turns out way different!! but for those of us who never been in a class action suit this size before have no idea what to expect. so just your opinion? and yea that guy who got a check for 209 must be for something else. A little in sight on my part: every direct deposit (every 2 weeks) i paid the fees i remember calling bofa and asking or we could say complaining about the extra $35 but once they draw you in and you owe so much each time, most of the time it leave’s you little to no choice but to have to keep getting the over draft due to the extra fees your check is already chipped away and you havent even had a chance to pay bills yet!!! i wound up having to let that account go after a couple yrs….anyone else have a similar situation?

    • Yea I did to. I kept over drafting and the Extending fee kicked my but so by the time my direct deposit came in I’m already short handing myself for other bills and I had no choice but continue to do it. Now that I’m unemployed it cause my account to be negative by $300.00 and that was just last year. I’ve been overdrafting since 2013

      • I have been in a similar situation like this but it’s for work and it took 1 month for the check to be issued out. I believe we will all get our check maybe the end of September or early October. Let’s just hope that the judge decline the amount the lawyer had ask for.

  45. i also had to let my account go as it was over drafted about 300…i use a direct deposit card that does not belong to a specific bank now. i did it for a couple yrs too. and nope no compensation yet!! im hoping for the best for all of us for those of us who admit it or not its really hard to get by especially with extra fees and we can all use all the money we can get.

  46. @Hiii!! you can see it that way lol or that we paid our fees/dues….and then paid again, because we were/are broke fucks and didnt know better at the time!! but ofcourse we should all be blessed for being taking advantage of at the least….ect.

  47. I didn’t pay. Lol they closed my account .
    But either way hopefully they break some bread much needed still a broke fuck Lmfao

    • Omg RELAX guys be patient its coming !!! Lmfao just wooosaaaa. Its better when its random and you’ll get it when u need it the most it will come thru whatever change it is 🙂

  48. I understand but now no post card explaining what’s happening, called them everything is not updated, it just seems phony. Lol I am a man, and men don’t like to be teased just sayin.

  49. You know it’s only us poor folks getting the fees. I know from experience the ones with money could just call and get them waived. Us little people were just stuck. They make big bucks the bank does. I am waiting on the settlement also. I pray it is a nice lump of change. So we should know by September . Right?

  50. ollowing the Final Approval Hearing, Judge Lorenz requested further briefing pertaining to approval of the Settlement. The briefing will be completed by August 27, 2018, after which the Court will rule. Class members may check this website after the briefing is complete for the status of Settlement approval

  51. supposedly pretty much finalized, but lawyers are asking to be paid far to much so now the judge is thinking about if he/she is gonna let them take that lump sum!! and leave the rest of the crumbs for the rest of us
    to share!

  52. Just in the last couple of days, I was charged $35 twice. The funny thing is this: Instead of BoA rejecting a debit from ones account due to insufficient funds, BoA will allow the transaction to go through, but then charge you the $35 fee. Seems that is inappropriate and deliberate.

  53. Lmfao chill like last year they send me one of those post cards from a college i went to and next thing you know i got an extra 1200 check lol i mean it aint that much but shit came thru just in time for xmas so just ve patient bro .its coming 🙂

  54. So im curious…..if i was charged overdraft fees 30 times in a year and someone was onlu charged once, do we get the same amount in a settlement?

  55. i also wonder how that all will work out. maybe just because we were all done wrong no matter how many times we are all gonna benefit the same. but as i said before its happen to me on regular basis so who knows! its getting closer though!!

  56. Its my understanding, that it will be based on how many times you were overcharged. If I was only overcharged, say three times, I would get less than you who were charged maybe, fifteen times.

  57. I heard that it was to be like that too, but nobody has said so for certain….lots of different opinions and understandings going around!

  58. What if your account is close but you still owe more than 300 will that be considered a debt relief? Because I’ve overdraft so many times in the past years.

    • What if I overdraft more than 200 times will that be credit back after the debt relief? Because man I can use the extra cash! Yessss just one more week or two

  59. okay people! one week into aug. its getting closer! lol hopefully no more delay’s im ready to see the outcome of this big ordeal hopefully its good for all of us, we all seem to need a “pick me up”

  60. Hope this email will help someone that may need more information about what is taking place.
    I went on the website that is called EOBCSETTLEMENT.COM. On this website you can find out some information about what is about to take place for the settlement. The website says that the briefing will not be complete until August 22, 2018 and you may cheek back on the website afterward.
    Phone number is 1888-396-9598. The address to write is EBOC LITIGATION PO BOX 3170 PORTLAND OR 97208-3170. Look on the website above for the case number

  61. actually i welcome all comments! thats what its for we can keep up the convo with people in the same situation also see the frustration we all share!! lol

  62. thats all true! now DRINKS! that all depends on how fat the checks are lol we all have determined we are all for the most part “broke ass’s” with high hopes!

  63. Lmfaooooo we don’t need a bunch of loser commenting lol y’all need too just chill b4 y’all jeeks us
    Just relax read the bible or something keep your mind off this shit already will get it when we do & thats that. U guys could blab on Social Media lol

  64. lol i am chill…..i guess thats why i have time to comment on here cause i dont get involved with all that social media bullshit! sorry stuck with me here lmao

  65. It should all be good news….I’m sure the judge will make a fair decision on Aug 27th in our favor. We just need to pray for the best & keep positive!!

  66. lol i dont i just get notified when you guys comment…smart ass!! one of those other comments didnt make since! btw i dont mind the chit chat though

  67. yes i have twin girls 4, son 16, daughter 10….wide range i know, after the first i didnt think i was gonna have more same after the 2nd! lmao… started kinda young but only one baby daddy!! lol thats always a question! your 26…hmmm you have kids?

  68. I told you to chill Thomas after Sept if we don’t get shit then we all flipping lmfaooo k so chill 2 more weeks

  69. twins are the most trying thing ever! you may have kids some day! ill tell you 2 is perfect… more no less! lol

  70. noo i won’t change my mind lol and noo about my name i like to be low key lol . but its crazy with kids & im good without them i got doggies they my BABIES v

  71. Judah,when you get paid you just gonna dip and run??? No bye nice chatting I got mine??? Just joking. I will say bye because it’s been nice knowing I am not the only one waiting

  72. You GUYS?……. tomorrow is the big day well at least it’s big for me… I hope we all get something big it’s been a journey I’m sure I’m not getting a check until October

    • So nextime bofa get a lawsuit like this you guys knows already the judge give nice ruling to the attorney’s for there fees and leave the customers of bofa get less of the settlement.

    • Lol u guys way to excited over getting a lil of your EODF back. You will not recover all of the fee you paid but only a portion of each fee….
      (thought bubble) wondering if Uncle Sam will have hand out….

  73. I’m guessing we all won’t hear any news until tomorrow just because today is the briefing decision. Let’s cross our fingers

  74. we sure are excited! we have been waiting a long time to get paid back….and we should at the very least get what we paid!! but its definitely going to be a Payday for the lawyers that sure didn’t pay anything into the fees smh

  75. They may have the results in, just haven’t updated the page yet. Could monitoring this site laughing their butts off at us. All good right?? Just show us the money, dam don’t show is give us the money.

  76. So guys I just called to check on the status and they said call back Wednesday to speak with a guy name Nathan Laport who is handling this case. So I guess I’ll call back on Wednesday to see if the judge ruled in our favor

  77. Yes but the lady said she could not give me the information because she is not the one who is handling this case. Don’t worry I will keep all of you updated

  78. I mean, 66.6 million divided by 5.9 million people is about $11.00 each. Doesn’t sound like a big deal to me, really. And court cases always take a long time, what’s a couple days to us to think things over is at least a month to them.

    The court might not have even ruled yet, the Judge’s schedule was to complete briefing by August 27, with ruling coming after that date.

    I wonder why only 2014-2017? Guess I’d have to read some background..

    • 66.6 million divided by 5.5 million isn’t 11$. It’s 11 million. Clearly we aren’t each getting 11 million. But your math is way off.

      • Natalie your math is actually way off. 66 million divided by 5.5 million is $12.10 per person. That doesn’t include lawyer fees or anything else either.

        • Oh my gosh! You guys are right. Sorry!! Having a sleepless baby isn’t helping my math or people skills lol. Sorry!!

      • You’re right Natalie, clearly we aren’t getting 11 million each. Because there are 5.9 million people, not 6.

  79. We should be hearing some good news soon!!! Just hang in there guys n gals. That’ll teach them a lesson to mess with us next time.

  80. They are turning me grey hope I’m alive when they do pay or if they pay well they are out of days by law so we will see

  81. We will definitely be getting good news!!! Just be patient guys & gals. This will teach the bank not to mess with us again!!

  82. How come there hasn’t been any activity on the court docket? There should at least be some motions filed. Just silence. Was the court supposed to convene on the 27th?

  83. How come there hasn’t been any activity on the court docket? There should at least be some motions filed. Just silence. Was the court supposed to convene on the 27th or what? Losing patience.

    • It’s stated the will reimburse the amount of time you have been overdrawn extra fee so I’m sure it’s not 11. I will keep you update once I speak with Nathan in this matter

  84. Update August 28, 2018:
    Following the Final Approval Hearing, Judge Lorenz requested further briefing pertaining to approval of the Settlement. The briefing was completed on August 27, 2018. The Court will rule when it is ready to issue its decision. Class members may check this website for the status of Settlement approval.

  85. What’s taking so long? How much longer does this judge need? Its not nice to tell someone you are going to make things right then keep them dangeling for heavens knows how long.

  86. that just figures! we may as well not think it will happen this week! especially if so many people have the negativity that it wont be enough to even pay postage! lol but im gonna be positive and hope for the best and that the judge will have consideration of all our loss! im sure for those of us who had to over draft and then pay all the penalties each time obviously needed the money and still do…we couldnt afford it then or now. i have to say im thankful for the ones who stood up and pointed bofa out on this issue in any case. cause the bank as well as the lawyers are greedy s.o.b’s hopefully atleast the judge can see it our way! thank you!!

  87. There was a BofA Class Action 2011, ruling was for $410 million. That was one for processing debit payments in the order of highest to lowest to maximize fees. I read of payouts in the thousands.

  88. From 2013
    $90M Unclaimed in Bank of America Overdraft Class Action Settlement

    Reading through the comments of above link and some others, it seems BofA has done a few things to get in the way of people receiving their money: sending payouts on postcards instead of envelopes to possibly be thrown away as junk mail, sending the bulk of the payout to an old address and a partial amount to current address, claiming to not be able to find payee when postcard was mailed to payee’s current address, sending checks so that they’re received past their date therefore not eligible to be cashed. I’m not sure who’s generally in charge of distributing funds but the past here looks a mess.

    If they do ever approve payout be sure to scan every piece of mail, it might be on a flimsy postcard. Apparently it’s been done in the past to save money on postage.

  89. Apparently from January 2001 – May 2011 BofA received 4.5 billion from it’s overdraft fee policy. Total class action payout 410 million, approved 2011, that stated customers would receive a minimum of 9% of the fees they paid.

    Similar objections to this one, lawyers’ fees of 123 million, Judge sided with the attorneys instead of dropping that number by 50 million to give additional payout to the settlement class.

    My bet is on more lawsuits headed their way.

  90. @danielle – it’s always been like that in any kind of class action lawsuit. Lawyers always end up getting more for some reason. 🙁

  91. Theres an updat already says we have to wait till they decide. & also ima be pist if y’all talking about 11 bucks cause last time i was in something like this i got like 1200 !!!! so im hoping for at least 300 lol kuz my acct got closed with that

  92. Lol yes i haven’t looked since june or July 18 or someshit like that.
    But fr 11 bucks not even enough for 18pak Lmfao

  93. I think we are getting a lot of misinformation here. The action that Robert is referring to is from 2011. That is not the same one that is going on now. Bank of America has had several class action suits against them. The judge has not made his ruling as yet , so there is still hope that we will get something out of this lawsuit. Hang in there guys and gals. Its not over yet.

    • Yes, you’re right many lawsuits against BofA, and I added that article above showing 90M unclaimed from the 2011 approval. Some of those writing here may be entitled to some of that money. How they can access that now, I don’t know. Would have to do more searching.

  94. Okay, so I just heard from an inside source (friend) close to the case that the lowest dollar amount someone will receive will be $750. The amount will go up from there depending on how many overdraft fees you have been charged. I have this on good accord. The money should be dispersed out to everyone by the end of October. Smile everyone, the lawyers lost and the people won.

  95. Man i fucken hope so that sound hella good I’ll be waiting for my check 🙂 thank you Jesus
    Thats a whole lots of 18paks 😉

  96. The new legal documents that they posted on the EOBC website are an interesting read. The way I understand it is that any overdraft that your incurred, you will be refunded the total $35. They are also factoring in interest on each transaction. I’m not quite sure how much it is but there is a 2.2% figure in there somewhere. That part confuses me! Anyway, I had approximately 87 charges on my account so they will deposit $3045 into my account, that is without the interest. If my math isn’t too bad that figures out to be $3,111.99. The document said the timeline is within 30 days of approval. There is already preliminary approval listed with the documents. So we should have cash in hand by the end of September at the latest.

  97. Thomas,
    Go to the homepage of the Settlement document;; from there click on Important Documents.
    There are several .pdf files. I downloaded and read all the files dated
    August 27th & 28th of this year. There are a lot of documents and most of them
    are useless to me (they either don’t pertain to me or I just dont give a shit). That sounds horribly self-centered but let’s face it, there is a lot of useless reading!
    Anyway, on page 17 of the one.pdf ‘s dated 8/28’, I’m sorry but I forgot the title
    of the file, is the disbursement procedures and benefits related to the case.
    Sorry about file name but I’m working on my tablet and storage is limited so I deleted
    all of the files after reading. Anyway there are only a couple of files with a present date.

  98. Okay, I went to and they just updated for today, the 31st, here it is: Today, the court entered its order granting motion For final approval of the class settlement and motion for attorneys’ fees, costs, and class representative service awards.” Finally, the ball seems to be rolling. I wish they would be clear on when the freaking money will be dispersed. Damn wheels of justice take so freaking long to turn. Bank of America is playing this really close to the vest trying to avoid too much bad press.

    • What I wrote is pretty straight forward, go check the website How the hell could you not understand what I wrote?

    • The judge “granted” both “motions.” The spelling and grammar from you people on your posts if freaking terrible and embarrassing. Did any of you make it past the fifth grade?

  99. Wht’s actully freeking trebible adn emmbbarrassing is fur somewon two git a magor additude when somewon sipmly aks a qeuston…
    Your response wasn’t clear…and reading it on the site isn’t very clear either…judge granted both motions….well just what the hell is both motions…does that mean everyone wins both attorneys and class action plaintiffs…?

  100. rairrrr i didn’t read it lmfaoooo.
    Relax Yooo. Wooosaaa and we don’t have to fucken be spelling shit all perfect when we just bullshitting here THOMAS SO PLEASEEEE KEEP UR ANGRY VIBES TO YOURSELF 🙂 THANK YOU FOR YOUR INFO SIR !!!!

  101. such as did the lawyers get what they wanted?! and also “talk texting” does not always make the sentence make alot of since….and i would be embarassed if i made a mistake while calling other people out too! anyway none of us are gonna know what, where, when, why or how its gonna be in the end cause we all have different out comes, so it is what it is. some people must really be stressing on it though!!! maybe thats why you might get your head chewed off if you have poor grammer or ect….

  102. The questions right now did the attorney get more off the money or the customers of bofa who been taken advantage by taken $35 more extended fee gets more of the settlements of the money?

  103. Lmfaooooooo. People dont have to be B s About shit thoo. Bringing in the HELL & WHO KNOWS WHAT 😉
    Its all good i still hope all of u guys get a decent amount so y’all won’t be so grouchy 🙂 Pure Peace Yooo Take it easy. May the LORD BLESS YA

  104. i hope all of us get much more than expected! all of us grouches too!!! and all the info has been much appriciated…comments too!

  105. You guys could check the final approval in the pdaf of…judge greedy lorenz give or granted rhe class counsel the greedy attorneys instead of $16 millions they were granted $14.5 millions what a joke judge and attorneys are on cahoots and just look for there interest.

  106. Fucc this judgecand attorneys our money they get more than we do. The class counsel attorney’s sought for a fee
    $7700 per hour almost $16.6 million total while there lodester claim is only $1.4 million.

  107. Hey everyone, I’m new here. There has been a lot of good information being passed around here. Since the judge has given his unfortunate ruling, has it been said yet how/when the money will be dispersed or what it will be per person? Sorry if this has been asked and answered.

    • John Edwards…..
      What do you think was so unfortunate about the ruling? The settlement class (i.e. US!) will be getting back $35 for every $35 that B of A charged our accounts for a 4 year period. Now I don’t know about your banking habits but mine suck! I had approximately 90 of those charges against my account during that time period so it’s almost like having it in an interest bearing savings account. With interest I’m looking at approximately $3200.

      • Correct me if wrong, but isn’t this class action for extraneous overdraft charges, meaning an extra charge if you didn’t pay the initial overdraft charge. My understanding is it’s not for initial overdraft charges. Unless you mean you had 90 extraneous overdraft charges. Also did you receive any payout from the 2011 Class Action lawsuit for reordering transactions?

        • Is it just me but I agree with you Robert. BOA had an extra 35.00 overdraft charge to the initial one. Accounts were being charge 70.00 after the 5 day period total. I were under the assumption that this suits was about the second fee. Which I had and paid the following pay period. So again correct us if we’re wrong but I thought this lawsuit was for the Extended Charge?

  108. @ john edwards ha ha yes you’ve missed alot and to me things are still cloudy about amounts and all specifics… and ofcourse everyones outcome is gonna be different, but one thing we all may be able to agree on is that the greedy lawyers are in cahoots with the greedy judge and they are all gonna get a fat check!!!

  109. I have a feeling we is gonna get a dime thooo 🙂 we have 30 days to wait & see & Thomas is lying he just feels tricked 😉

  110. The final approval order document is up on the eobc website. It mentions how the lawyer fees, court cost, hourly rate and the plaintiff portion will come off the top. It also mentions that 7,078199 people received notices and that 100 people of that number opted out and another 11 objected. Also 37.5 million will be cash payments to the class members and 29.1 million will go to debt relief for class members. I know its a lot of information, just wanted to give an update to those who haven’t seen it.

  111. Not only am I waiting on my check, BOA had a nerve to close my account. They sent me a letter stating that in 20 days I will no longer be able to bank with them. So U called to find out why and they said it’s a business decision. Sounds like because I’m in the lawsuit settlement they no longer want my services

  112. I don’t understand how some of you think we are getting a large amount back. If 7 million people got $5 back, that’s 35 million. They settled on 37 million, so there is no way we are getting more than $5-$7 each. Sad, but true.

    • Well, 37 million in that case is the cash payout. My understanding is we either receive cash payout or debt relief, not both, unless I’m misreading something.

  113. Dawn…..
    Not all of us will have 20 or 90 of the fees charged to our accounts. Some people know how to balance their checkbook! I would not be one of them! Anyway, if you had 5 charges against yojr account then you will get approximately $277 back. There will enough money for everyone to get back what BofA took from them plus interest.

  114. There is no way anyone could get that much back. The last settlement like this BofA settled at $410 million with 13 million people included and they each got a direct deposit or check for $27. This one is way less than that. Customers got back less than 10% of what they were originally charged.
    I pray we get back way more, but doing the math, it doesn’t seem feasable.

  115. I believe in the settlement agreement we are getting $5000.00 each period go read the settlement agreement and ur card u received in the mail. They both say $5000.00

  116. Its says up too 5000 & i think they have 30 days to send out the checks.
    Man HOPEFULLY we get something cool 🙂 ☝☝

    • It is up to $5000 for each class REPRESENTATIVE. There were 4 representatives, so the total of their payments are $20,000. We are NOT representatives. Those were the people who hired attorneys and filed the original suit. Not being negative, just trying to get the facts straight.

  117. Ohh damnnn youu rightt !!!!! What are we then thooo?? Lol
    Either way i don’t care were getting some type of bread i know it .Lmfao .
    So 🙂 ✌

  118. @dawn – I read on the site, each class Representative payout got increased to $20k?? I’m pretty sure we should all see something in our favor. Just gotta be patient & wait for the best!!!!!

  119. daaang! see what i mean everybody keeps uncovering all these scenerios! but all the same we all supposedly gonna get a different amount depending on transactions made…but yea its not really cool to have people to get so much more just cause they were able to hire lawyers we all got the same fees, same treatment! im just sayin!

  120. I noticed people have commented about 7 million class members. I think that number was a legal tactic for the would trial. That number got the settlement. The approval document states a cost $53,000. The cost is the money the law firm put out of their pocket (post cards). If the did 7 million post card,the postage alone would be 4 million in cost.So I’m guessing just guessing between 15,000 and 20,000 members get you a 53,000 cost

    • That’s a damn good point, Aaron, that the rest of us missed. I thought something seemed a little off here, and it was the number of people. So if there are between 15,000 and 20,000 members obviously the amount of money goes up for class members significantly. Anyone here good at math? It just didn’t seem right to me that people would be given $5 or $20 if they were hit by a fee over and over again that is more than what would be returned to them. And if the approval document states a cost of $53,000 for the postcards, then by default millions of class members is not possible.

  121. I dealt with a Settlment before. I’m pretty sure we can call to see how much we are getting. They just need to verify your identity then they can tell you to see how much you are getting. I’m going to call tomorrow to see if I can obtain my pay out part. I will keep all you folks updated.

  122. John the I say 15,000 to 20,000 is because they probably inflated the amount as well with man hours worked on mailing. But this greedy Law firm we have would not have put for 500,000 mailing much less 7 million for a case they did not think we could win. The 7 million come from the probable amount of class members affected. I know for I’m just trying to make sense of this as well. But Like you said the math is the math.

  123. Can someone please tell me how can we know for sure that we are one of the class members included in this law suit?
    I did not receive a post card, but I’ve read a couple people have informing them of this law suit.
    I received an email. In the email it said that there was nothing that I needed to do. But if I do nothing, how can I be sure that I am included?
    Please help.

  124. Does anyone have an update on who we can call to see how much we are getting or has anyone found out what they are getting yet?


  125. John forget my last reply it did not make sense. Sorry. What I mean is at that time of the mailings the settlement was not final and to make 7 million mailings they would be taking a risk of a loss for any reason fell through. What you think?

  126. Hey guys. We did want to provide a quick update here. I don’t believe the final class size has been announced but it was estimated to be around 6 million. The final settlement document does say only 100 people opted out. There are also a lot of numbers being thrown around as to how much the settlement will be, but here is what will be paid.

    $37.5 million to class members who paid an EOBC fee and did not have that fee refunded or charged off.
    $22 million paid based on how many EOBCs you have as a percentage of the total class.

    Here is a direct quote from the settlement, ” It is true that the Cash Portion recipients, by contrast, will recover less than one hundred percent of their economic loss…”

    In other words, you will be receiving back less than you paid in fees if you are a cash recipient. I highly encourage everyone to read the document. You can find it here.

  127. The document on the eobc website says that post card notices were mailed and they also sent notices via email.

  128. Well, if there was one thing for sure, nobody really knows shit. 🙂 I don’t think we will know until we get the checks, and then the complaining will begin because we received so little. haha

  129. I just called the attorney’s office and he told me that nothing has been worked out yet as far as the amounts being dispersed because they are waiting to find out if there is going to be an appeal.

  130. So just to be clear all the people included in this class action suit WILL NOT GET THE SAME AMOUNT! because the amount you get back is solely based on how many times you were charged over a 3 year period the extra 35 dollar fee. When I say extra I don’t mean how many times you over-drafted account I simply mean that when you overdraft your account BOA charges you 35 dollars and if you don’t pay that fee off before 5 days is up they will charge you an additional 35 dollars and that my friends is what the suit is all about how many times did BOA charge us an additional 35 dollars over a 3 year period I don’t know how much we’re getting back but I suspect that we might get enough to at least pay off bill in the house…lol

  131. I need to get a good address on file with the attorneys? I have moved out of state since I had my account (Which has since closed). I called 1-888-396-9598 and it was an automated system that didn’t give me the option to speak to anyone. Help?

  132. Everyone call the number 1-202-973-0900 ask for Mate he is handling our case. He told he was waiting for Friday to see If any more appeal come in (Bullshit). They are cheating us out of our money. Everybody call and voice yourself.I also asked him how many are getting cash and how many are getting debt relief. He said some get both. But he did not have number in front of him(Bullshit)

  133. i just called twice couldnt get through, but i believe his name is nathan Laporte, i left a message asking for a call back lol we will see how that goes!

  134. i put a call in right after u posted….although im not exactly sure what my first qustion should be!! lol

  135. Danielle just what you feel. You may want to ask when will the money will be disbursed. Call every day until you get paid. He never returned my call. You may be different. You don’t half to give your name every time you call if you are worried about. Keep trying.

  136. yea i can start with when the money will be dispersed….judah i cant remember if i had this address when my account was still open but the post card found me so if you got the post card where ever you guys live you should be good…so yea i left a message and we all should just keep calling! maybe it will force them to update! and give us real answers….

  137. If the court ruled then they should have to pay. I doubt that 7 million people were notified about this because there would be so many calls coming in, you wouldn’t be able to get through. I got through twice, but he was out the first time. Lets see what happens if people keep calling

  138. I called too – no response yet!! Keep thinking positive guys!!!!! We are in it together – and I know it will be a good chunk of change. :)))))

  139. I’m with you I doubt the 7 million as well. You right the court ruled. They should be talking figures now big or small. But that Nathan dude is trying to stall for some reason. Seems shady and to secretive to me. Our money was stolen by BOA. This should be a national story.

  140. agreed!! im thinking one way or another all the lawyers AND judge are looking at a fat pay check and we the people are getting stalled out and waited out! but im hanging in there i paid BofA these fees every pay day…sad but true!

  141. They want our money every which way they can take but when it comes to paying us back. They take forever & ever – however long they can stall out this process!!! It’s always in their favor!!!

  142. Yes you are right, and we always pay with interest but it may not be that we get paid back with interest huh!

  143. ok! lol i thought you were gonna say something like 1rst off not having 4 kids lol after i messaged that i thought about it haha
    but yup you got it right 🙂

  144. BoA provides cash payment (“Cash Portion”) of $37.5 million to class members who (1) were charged an EOBC and (2) did not have their EOBC refunded or charged off. So does this mean that if they sent you something in the mail saying your balance is now 0 dollars and your account is closed( even though I didn’t pay if off) then I’m excluded because they charged it off?

    • @ineed$ did you just received this in the mail recently or when did they sent you that notice in the mail? My account was charged off as well but I also over draft and been chargerd with the extra fee in the past 5 years, but I haven’t received anything that stated my account was close.

  145. yes it is suppose to be about the extended fee which yes after both fees the charge was 70$ the 2nd 35$ fee came after the first 5 days of over draft. And i did not get anything saying i owe 0$ that i can remember and my account was closed when i was over drafted at 300$….

  146. My account was closed with a negative balance also, but that is only based on the last occurrence. I know I incurred quite a few from 2014-2016, so the rest that I paid should count. I would think that if your account being closed was the only occurrence, then you would not have been named in the suit.

  147. actually that don’t make sense to me because I paid many many fees before I let my account close with a negative balance so I disagree there!

  148. That’s what I meant. I paid many fees before my account closed last year. It looks like some people may have only had one occurrence of the extended overdraft which led to their account being closed, then they would not be entitled to anything if they did not pay it back.

    • I think they would be entitled to something under this, since this lawsuit is about the extended overdraft being an illegitimate fee. So it’s a check or debt relief.

  149. My shit got closed too but i know i paid a few times lmfao. We need to get this shit out our minds kux we don’t know shit till we get out shit lol mmkayyy

  150. Judah I got something in the mail saying my account was at 0 balance in like January. And then when I try to check the account they said it’s no longer active. So do we have have both criteria’s cover or what?

  151. Judah I got that in the mail back in January. And when I called to check the balance to make sure I wasn’t being scammed. They told me my account is no longer active. Also I paid a few of the extended fees, but once I noticed the bs boa was doing I said to hell with them and left it in the negatives with the charges still piling up. So u only get reimbursed on the extended charges you paid off? Or is it for every time they put 1 on your account

  152. it just dont sound right not to pay people when bofa closed the account themselves. but they are crooks so you never know, but im under the impression if u got the post card you are getting your portion.

  153. Any News yet I’m getting frustrated about this situation just GIVE US What we deserve BOA ROBBED US For 5 years NOW They Want To RAPE Us Go figure

  154. I finally got a called back from The settlement administrator. It was in regards to an address update. I also asked her if it’s possible to see how much going to receive back or debt relief and she stated that right now the judge has not given more info on any objections if so there were any. She basically just told me that I should receive something in the mail either i get money back or debt relief but she told me she does not know how longer it will take. I just have to be patient. She was actually nice and answer all my concerns.

  155. ive called only got to leave one voicemail for the guy….ofcourse no call back! heck yes @ Aaron butler it should be a national story bofa has this type of thing happen way to often and people usually dont even hear about it….they should be exposed and it should be known that the class action members get pennies and the lawyers (probably friends to bofa) are getting all the bulk. and the judges always sit back and let it happen (probably got paid off too) i say national story!!!;) now all we can do is bug the shit out of them and make them earn the money like that! lol everybody call….

  156. Danielle you are correct. They want us to wait and beg for our own money that was stolen and the try to give pennies on the dollar. They also trying to position us to be grateful for the little money they pay us. It’s a game and you right the Lawyers,the Judges, are all friend of the bank executives. The lawyers get millions for not fighting to get all of our money back. They take this small settlement and save BOA billions.

  157. I was told there is now a 30 day period for appeals and if there are none after 30 days then we get our money. How much i cant get that answer.

  158. yea thats probably what they want is more appeal to rack up more fees….we wont fall into that trap again, you are right!

  159. It’s all racketeering. This gov is the hardest gang on the just quit should here yourselves never let them see you sweat….

  160. that they are the biggest! but they already knew we were gonna sweat and that we are sweating!! and right now they are just playing us on the waiting game!!! lol shit they know what they are doing…..

  161. I’m sure we all reviving it by late September. I looked on previous Settlments and they end mailing it out 30 days after.

  162. I am pretty sure that once we get to the 27th of this month, then the money should be dispersed rather quickly, which would jive with other settlements after lawsuits in the past. I would be surprised if it took past the end of October. Just in time for everyone to be out of money at the end of the month. haha 🙂

  163. UPDATE: The Bank of America Overdraft Fees Class Action Settlement was granted final approval on August 31, 2018. There is a 30 day period in which appeals can be filed. Top Class Actions will continue to keep viewers updated.

  164. so thats a new update….maybe they finally started getting overwhelmed with calls but they didnt say much new info smh

  165. Boa is a stock holder bank when shares are sold in bunches then we will get paid because stock holders won’t take a big hit watch the market

  166. The judge name lorenz approved it on august 31,2018 motion to grant everything…they attorney’s or eobcs should let us now when they where in the court that day when the next hearing if its there still more hearing after agust 31,2018 another date why cant they tell us.

  167. Frank dodd feom the housing bubbles with ben bernanke they bailout big banks like bank of america to big to fail…if your ordinary citizen you dont get help and your credit score fucc up!

  168. They should be a set of date after august 31,2018 if judge lorenz approved the motion to grant for the class settlements,attorney’s fee etc. They should have another for apeals,or resume another dates this attorneys doesny tell us and the eosbc whatever they should have updates besides the august 31,2018 for granting the motions what next?

  169. Let’s try to get some answers. Kristina Pierson (1-954-522-6601) and Jeff Ostrow(1-954-525-4100). They are two of the Lawyers who represented us during the Settlement. They are from two different law firms both based in Florida.

  170. I still don’t see how we will be getting that much. I keep going back to the paragraph in the settlement agreement where it says that class members entitled to cash portion will get less than 100% of their economic loss (page 9 of 17) and it also says that you will not get a cash refund for any fees that were refunded or Charged-off. Unless we are also getting compensated for interest charged. I guess we will see.

  171. i for one was not REFUNDED or did i get anything “charged off” to my knowledge. also the suit is going off of how many people paid the extra fees after the initial overdraft fee…which was another 35$ each time, now once again its supposed to be based on how many times that happen to you within them dates. we will all get back different amounts, and who knows we may find ourselfes in another class action if they screw this up as bad as it sounds for the people….just sayin!!

  172. Yes, I know I had several of those during that time frame before they closed my account in 2017 and then it was charged off with fees outstanding. I guess we will see what happens!

  173. We are all playing this waiting game . I called the 202 number ,got thru and receptionist asked my name and what the call was regarding and my dumb ass was honest and told her. She put me on hold came back said he will call you back. Now I wait.

  174. This waiting game is really bad it shows what they really think about class members we are the little people so what we got Robbed we should have been they’re first priority just saying

  175. so simple if charge 2 or 4 times extended fee that all you get…there are people that are charge from 2014 all the way 2017 like other people 30 or more than that of extended of $35 so they get more…so if you remember they charge you 3 or 5 times only and that all you get.

  176. yes its getting rediculous, we definetly were not priority we were just an excuse for them to get paid fat! i never got a call back either, who knows how how to expose these people and warn everyone bofa is always scamming??

  177. Any news yet??? Judge Lorenze not Giving a Dam !!! Give us Our $$$$ Stop playing the Cat &Mouse Game I’m Really Fed Up BOA didn’t Care about how swift they took from Class Members Now Be Swift Giving All That$$$$ Back

  178. Latest update boa has til Sept 30 to appeal which they will, which means the way the court schudule is they will rule on the case 30 days after and if the appeal loses then boa will have 30 more days to disbursement of funds which is around end of November or early December the amount per person will be determined by the amount of excessive reoccurring charges to your account minus 9 percent.

  179. wow! so they really are gonna just dwindle it away for us! i hope they dont want a thank you! that is just $ that gets thrown out there to make the rich richer… smh

  180. Also this site says 5.9 million people involved the real #is 7 million so 1.1 million people just added never good news

  181. Yeah it’s a little weird how an extra 1.1 million popped up and it’s been 5.9 the whole time along… maybe one of the other money mongers wanted to be cut in and that’s how they will get it! Or maybe they needed some hush money for somebody, these days hush money don’t keep people hushed very long anyway LOL

  182. Just spoke to someone who told me BOA has filed several appeals which we all knew they would ….ugghh , a stall tactic , so now we wait some more

  183. This is true! Maybe we will get something in time for Christmas, unless they decide not to appeal. Doubtful.
    I thought the appeals happened already, oh well.

  184. oh well! so they have lots of appeals and we will be waiting anyway, why not make some appeals too!? but like someone said before its just to rack up more attorney fees so that hopefully comes out of their funds! another tactic huh!

  185. It is highly unlikely BOA will appeal anything at this point. While the bank DID appeal during the initial stages of this lawsuit, all parties were in agreement thereafter, and BOA willfully agreed to reparations, going as far as placing the settlement amount in escrow. LINK:

    There seems to be a ton of misleading information in the comments here. I won’t call anyone out, but I will say you should be ashamed for sharing ‘in the know’ type information that, quite frankly, smacks of personal opinion rather than substantiated facts. One should also be advised that contacting BOA and speaking to ‘someone that knows’ is highly unbelievable without source information; it lacks credibility in the most obvious way. What it really DOES is lead others to greater angst about what’s truly going on behind the scenes.

    Be patient as possible, folks. Further, just pray for the best outcome for all Class Members in the aftermath. We deserve as much.

  186. I hope that we can agree on this prayer/ thought/mantra
    That our checks, monies, refunds, relief, rewards, credits restitution, reimbursements, settlements, and recompense,,, will be granted and awarded expeditiously frim this BOA Lawsuit.
    We cancel All holdups, hindrances, oppositions, appeals, delays, stallmate, and red tape. Let the release of these monies have free course, and free reign. Now let it come forth to every person affected by overdraft fee’s, and penalties imposed by BOA.
    We all agree together on this very thing, so let our unified agreement manifest a great release of checks, monies and deposits in our mail and bank accounts.
    It is written in the Bible,,
    that if any two of us can agree on one thing, it will be done for us the Father in Heaven, so I hope that there is someone out there with faith to agree with me, if so, then we all shall see a Miracle Trust and Believe
    Final decree,
    We have suffered long enough, we have waited long enough, let all of our money come forth now!!

    • SJA;
      Thanks for trying to impart some intelligence with these good people but alas, I’m afraid you will be typing until your fingers bleed. I agree that BofA will not appeal since the preliminary agreement was completed in 2017 and agreed upon by almost all parties involved. When I read the court documents I thought the verbiage read that disbursement would be 30 days from final approval? I could be wrong because my eyes were bleeding after reading all those documents. Do you remember the length of time between approval and disbursement? If you know for sure could you let me know?

      • Marta/All: Reading these documents is a chore—with or without prescription eyewear, LOL. But, here’s what I read (likely what you referenced, Marta): (b) Distribution of Class Member Awards. In the event that the accounts from which Class Members paid the EOBCs and that make the Class Members eligible for Class Member Awards remain open, the Class Member Awards will be credited via direct deposit by BANA to Class Members’ BANA accounts (“Direct Deposit Payments”). The Direct Deposit Payments will be accompanied by a description on bank statements to be determined by BANA after consulting with Class Counsel. BANA shall make Direct Deposit Payments to Class Members within thirty (30) calendar days of the Effective Date. Within forty-five (45) calendar days of the Effective Date, BANA shall provide to the Administrator a list of Class Members, and corresponding account numbers, to whom BANA distributed Direct Deposit Payments and the amount of each Direct Deposit Payment.

        Key words: Effective Date. Judge Lorenz signed off on this August 31, 2018. Given this, I would presume disbursement activity will commence by the end of September if not before. We can hope! ☺️

  187. When the government gave the banks all that money for bail outs, remember that??? I don’t think it was five years later B of A got into another jam and some billionaire brought Hell’s stock to save it. With that being known be sure don’t want to loose that money he invested, that’s for sure.

    • One thing is certain: BOA raises the bar when it comes to being a corrupt financial institution. A Google search reveals a myriad of lawsuits against this outfit—and yet they continue to thrive. Unreal.

  188. Somebody should protest where ever that court is or judge lorenze or if some have comnection newa station and expose them how bofa screwed us and they doing delaying tactics the attorney’s and the judge go along with them and get a fat check from extended overdraft charges…We the customers of bofa are they screwinf due to loopholes and they could go around.

  189. Getting information from the source is not misleading. Especially if you spoken to one of the rep from Settlment Administrator.

  190. This is a Bunch of Malarkey just give the little people they’re $$$$ and move along 5 years of Robbery Swift Thievery Swift Pay Back all these Games Back and forth is Sickening Judge Lorenze should be ashamed of himself But I Bet he’s getting his share too All of them are a Bunch of GREEN EYED MONSTERS $$$$$ They DON’T ABOUT ANYONE JUST THEY’RE POCKETS Dirty SOBs !!!!! I’m DAM ANGRY

  191. I got a call from a Settlement Administrator today. He said that if no appeals are filed 30 days from Aug.31 then monies would be sent out in 60 days. I also him questions about how many and how much as well a other questions and he took notes and said he will relay my concerns and call me back next week with some answers. He also looked me up and confirmed I am to get cash payment but do not know how much. I also told him that we are too much In the dark with information. I also told him about you all as well needing info. He said they will update within 2 weeks. You can ask them about yourselves if you like and see if you are getting cash or debt relief or both they can look that up. The number is 1-503-350-5800. These are the people who did the mailings and the emails. And also to Photos I very nice. Well done.

  192. I just got another call from a different administrator. She is also returning my call. But she cleared something up for me. The 60 days is the time they expect to have sent out all payments. She told me that if no appeals by 30 days from Aug.31 payments will start going out Oct. 1st

  193. Aaron: This is more in keeping with the pdf documents, and I believe the lady was more accurate with information. 60 days was specified as the amount of time it would take for checks to be mailed to those no longer banking with BOA.

  194. SjA you are correct about the documents. She was on point and she even told me how many EOBC I had during the Settlement time frame. I talked to her yesterday and she said she would get back with me with info and she did.

  195. @Aaron: So awesome to read. I kinda want to know how many extended overdraft charges I had within the 2014 -2017 time period, but doubt I’ll call for the information. It might ruin the element of surprise.

  196. @aaron – what about the ones still banking with BOA? Will that get direct deposit or live check? Thank you for the info!

  197. thanks im glad i found this chat back when i did! @sja lol i wonder that too, but your right now that its getting close a surprise might be better lol

  198. @Danielle, I couldn’t agree more! Whatever I’m entitled too, I’m going to put it good use. I’ve got my eyes fixated on a couple of treats, LOL.

  199. I really enjoyed reading all the posts tonight. I am calling the numbers you all posted. I have been following this forever and never knew about the posts until this evening. Thanks to all of you.

  200. @Cecelia and anyone else who want info on your retirement the number is1-503-350-5800 (settlement administrator)

  201. @aaron – what about the ones still banking with BOA? Will that get direct deposit or live check? Thank you for the info!

  202. I am expecting a check for my old account with BOA, and a direct deposit for my current account that I have with them now.

  203. @Cecelia and anyone else who wan info on your settlement the number is 1-503-350-5800 (Settlement Administrator)

  204. Thanks Guys for all the Positive information it eases my stress 100% But God is on our side I’ve Prayed for all of us We Deserve a Windfall from B O A $$$$

  205. I can roughly estimate how many times BOA debited my accounts and overdrafted it, but I have to rely on the accuracy of Bank of America records, to repay all of those overdraft fees
    All of my records were destroyed in 2floods and a hurricane. But I do remember the stress from all of those fees and the fear every month that my other bills would bump heads and not be paid.
    BOA should have to pay for the pain and suffering, and how they inconvenience us into other areas because of those fees.

  206. @vanessa nobody really does know…and one reason why is because each of us will get back a different amount depending on how many over draft fees we paid after the first 5 days of the initial over draft.

  207. @photizo same here, i totally agree i even remember calling in and talking to them about those extra fees…im glad they finally have to pay, but yes it made my life difficult for quite awhile! along with pain and suffering and other fees on other bills!!!!! lol it definitely was not funny though back then on those days I was on the phone with them!

  208. Thanks for the info on the phone #’s. I will call the 503 number as the other will not call back. Hope they don’t put me on hold. I have been with this bank way too long. WHY?????

  209. I just called the number and he was not able to look anything up, but just told me to keep checking the website and that we will be able to find out what we are getting when it is updated. He also said that the payments would be dispersed 90 days from August 31st.

  210. @danielle thanks very much do you know If they are going to pay any interest rate for those years of extended overdraft fees I’ve been reading a lot of comments that were only going to get like $5 or 20 dollars do you believe that’s true Because I have paid him for $2000 of extended overdraft fees between the period of a lawsuit to think I’ll get at least some money back

    • Yes I believe will only be 5.00 they are going to give ev1 the same amount, which I find a little unfair. Weather you had 1 extended over draft fee or 10 you will get same amount but not under 5.00. SO
      figure 5.00 because of the amount of people in the suite n the amount of the suite. What a friggin joke

  211. @vanessa oh its so hard to say, there has been so much talk of different amounts but me personally think it will be atleast what we paid in, not 5 or 20 bucks. but im not sure cause bofa are known for this crooked Behavior! and it seems like the judge and attorneys are all following that lead!! its really rediculous how class members are done so wrong. im hoping for the best! and yea the more you were charged the more you are suppose to get back.

  212. The guy I spoke to told me 90 days from August 31st. I forgot to write down his name, but I called that above number. Looks like we are getting different info depending on who we talk to.

    Guess we will have to wait and see what happens when they update the site.

  213. I called the 503 number and was informed everyone should have a reimbursement within 90 days after Aug 31 direct deposit will go out first they couldnt give me an amount said they couldn’t see that information so hopefully we won’t be waiting to much longer

  214. Called the number as well. The lady who helped me said that on October 1st check back on EOBC WEBSITE on when they will release the dates of payments. I asked her on my part of Settlment refund and she said they don’t have access information to that data base. Odd but oh well it’s a waiting game at this point again!

  215. The person who helped me also said that the Settlment was approved… I already thought it was already approved?!… on the post card they issued all of us also stated that if the courts approve the money will be release… maybe I’m just reading it all wrong. Hmm

  216. I also spoke with a lady, who said she had info about the number of times I had extended over charges. All she could tell was check the web site for updated info.

  217. I don’t really think we know any amounts of anything yet. Amounts to be paid or amounts to be awarded to us, since each will get a different amount. That depends on times extended overdrafts were charged . Am I correct with this statement? When the web site is updated we will know more. The people at the numbers we call have been trained not to give out info and now read from a script.

  218. Has anyone asked what BANA IS DOING? SO WE will have a more clear ideal which way they Most likely will go… PRAYING THEY DONT WANT TO GO ANYMORE…JUST CURIOUS…IM HOPING THEY ARE TIRED TOO

  219. On 09-19-18 That judgment is entered in accordance with all provisions set forth in WKH Conclusion and Order section of the Order Granting (1) Motion for Final Approval of Class Action Settlement and (2) Motion for Attorneys’ Fees, Costs, and Class Representative Service Awards entered as ECF No. 133.

    Talks just check out and click on important doc and select the finial judgement. That is the recent updates. So I’m sure they are sending out payments after this paper has been issued.

    Click important doc
    Click final judgment
    This paper was updated on 09-19-18
    So I’m sure after this paper has been doc online I think that’s when they start issuing out payments. Because it also stated on previous doc that once the judge approve the settlements we should all receive our money.
    Here is what it said.
    That judgment is entered in accordance with all provisions set forth in WKH Conclusion and Order section of the Order Granting (1) Motion for Final Approval of Class Action Settlement and (2) Motion for Attorneys’ Fees, Costs, and Class Representative Service Awards entered as ECF No. 133.

  221. Rob click important doc then click final judgment.
    It was dated on 09-19-18 I think this the most recent updates. In previous doc it said once the judge approve the settlements then we should start receiving our funds. Here is what it said. That judgment is entered in accordance with all provisions set forth in WKH Conclusion and Order section of the Order Granting (1) Motion for Final Approval of Class Action Settlement and (2) Motion for Attorneys’ Fees, Costs, and Class Representative Service Awards entered as ECF No. 133.

  222. I’ve got to ask: How is it that four Class Representatives automatically qualified for $5,000 each, while the rest of us (Class Members) receive whatever amount we are to paid? Can anyone enlighten me?

  223. @sja…i agree and I already brought up that point too, but I guess it’s because they brought on the suit, got the lawyers, something to that effect but it’s complete b.s that we will get pennies on the dollar and we ALL got done the same way, screwed out of our money from bofa.

  224. @ Danielle: Thank-you for the reply. I don’t mean to sound bitter and hope that I have not. In fact, I’m most grateful to Joanne Farrell, whom initially challenged BOA about the extended overdraft charges. It’s because of her that we will benefit in the end. Still, I believe it’s a bit unfair for the rest of us, unless there’s s guarantee that we will each be 100% refunded for each $35 fee captured by BOA. Sadly, we are left with no promise of this happening, and it ticks me off.

  225. Oh no no I feel the exact same I’m grateful too for all of that and don’t want to sound bitter but I’m in total agreement with you! Lol but I’m just saying I said the same thing before cause we all were done wrong and should get reimbursed just like bofa would get our ass if the tables were turned!! Right!

    • Gotcha, Danielle. Again, many thanks for the support, and I’m glad you understand me. I’m just so tired of the little guy and gal being given the short end of the stick all the damn time.

  226. No more than $35.00 in debt reduction payment per person if eobc charge(s) (no matter how many) were never refunded or charged off. Reporting to credit bureau of eobc charge being cleared. And approx $22.9m in checks/account credits being distributed amongst approx 7m class members. Checks or account credits dependent upon how many eobc charges incurred. Page 3 of the Final Approval Order, eobc main page.

    $14.5m for attorneys taken off the top. Must be nice.

    And they told us 5.9 million people….

  227. Update:On September 21, 2018, an appeal to the Bank of America Overdraft Fees Settlement was filed. Claims will not be paid until all appeals are exhausted. We appreciate your ongoing patience. Top Class Actions will continue to provide updates as we learn more.

  228. Another appeal was filed Sept. 21st…We’ll be waiting forever.

    UPDATE 2: On September 21, 2018, an appeal to the Bank of America Overdraft Fees Settlement was filed. Claims will not be paid until all appeals are exhausted. We appreciate your ongoing patience. Top Class Actions will continue to provide updates as we learn more.

  229. Oh yeah, I just saw it, they filed an appeal, crap. It’s going to take forever before we get anything, if we ever do

  230. So Class Members will get pennies from this Robbery of 5 years WOW if this was a Case was against Class Members they would slay us this is Really Sad The Little People Gets Nothing for being Robbed Repeatedly by Rich

    • I have been reading these blogs for weeks, and everyone has some great insight regarding the settlement. I am a class member and has been part of two lawsuits with BOA, and have lost all trust with this Bank. Please don’t worry yourself with all the mess regarding the payments, time of pmts etc, because at the end of the day, whatever we receive won’t be enough to set us for life. So the moral of my point is, whatever monie/credit we get will be a blessing to help with any hardships, we have at this time. “ Be Antious for Nothing”. The money will come just in time for each persons need. God Bless!!!!

  231. An appeal?? Why would BOA file an appeal, if thats what they did. They should know they are already in the wrong. This is getting ridiculous!

    • I haven’t read it but I kind of doubt it’s B of A. They were reluctant to settle when people were getting more cash payouts, more willing when half or so would go to debt reduction. Could be attorneys, class reps, who knows.

  232. The Final Judgment was filed 9/19. Eobc page, important documents. Maybe they had to wait for that to file an appeal. But the appeal isn’t on the eobc main page so I’m waiting to see some documentation on this.

  233. An appeal?? Why would BOA file an appeal, if thats what they did. They should know they are already in the wrong. This is getting ridiculous!

  234. Ridiculous is right…whoever’s appealed must not realize THEIR racking up attorney fees court fees etc.!!! GET IT DONE WITH!! my goodness everyone is not in line for a million dollars! lol

  235. On second thought maybe they do know and it’s coming from the other side huh? I guess they would rather pay the courts than class members right!!

  236. But where did jack pockets and Cecelia see the appeal because I look everywhere and I can not find it please let’s us know but website or where you saw about the appeal thanks

  237. Go to Open Public Records. com, can’t paste the link right not, but if you register with this site you wyget email updates

    • Another appeal!!! So all that money is tied upon the bank, Most like!ly a B of A bank earning interest, to cushion the loss for them. That billionaire guy want to stay in the plus , he doesn’t want to loose money.

  238. It’s curious that there’s no new update showing on the EOBC site, unless I’ve overlooked something. And, does anyone have an idea how long it could take to resolve this new appeal?

  239. What is the problem BOA just STOP the MALARKEY and give the Class Members Everything that’s owed to them with Interest !!!!!

  240. Somebody should take and expose them in local news…I hope people knows someone or somebody to local news and expose them about the updates so people know why bsbk of america playing games to us.

  241. Everytime bofa have lawsuits they playing games and do daleying tactics because of the lopholes…The one who get benefitedbon the lawsuit is the attorney’s racking more attorney’s fee and the judges because of the the bank keep appealing till the people or customers get robbed get little or spare change only.

  242. @Hans I totally agree with you I’ve brought this up before about exposing them, I don’t think anyone amongst us knows anyone , a shame! But your exactly right they are playing their tactics to the extreme!

  243. You can call your local news and tell them about the issue and they will do a report and put it on tv news this is to much already there are people and laws that can help us not rob us like they are doing let’s fight back for our rights and our money

  244. This getting ridiculous it says new update 2: On September 21,2018, an appeal to Bank of America Overdraft Fees Settlement was filed. Claims will not be paid until all appeals are exhausted. We appteciate your ongoing patience. Top Class Actions will continue to provide updates as we lesrn more. Fucc bank of america they keep appealing so more fees for attorney’s and to judge lorenz that the loopholes in here keep delaying it.

  245. I’m here from northern cali bay area contra costa county pittsburg CA. We have to put them on the news so people are aware what this greedy bofa doing to there customers robbing us…and the one who benefited from this is the class actions attorney’s and the judge especially judge lorenz.

  246. Yes Judge Lorenze & BOA should be exposed just pay the Class Members what they have been Robbed of Repeatedly it’s a shame 5 years being Duked when is all this going to end The Rich get Richer Poorer get poorer !!!!Give Us Our $$$$ Already with Interest we’ve waited long enough

  247. In Washington state as well. Now let’s
    wrap our heads around all the interest that 66.6 million is making. .

  248. Has anyone called them to ask about the appeal and how long more are they going to be with this case let’s take them to the news to higher law oficials there is something we can do


  250. I’ve spoke to the settlement administrator and she said the settlements has been approve and there are no one has filed any appeal. So I don’t know if she is just saying that. Idk yall

  251. I think there are different versions of the outcome, if you don’t go onto the official site. So that’s why we are getting all these mixed messages!! Just pray & hope for the best – we will be blessed abundantly.

  252. Been following all the messages,I am from Tampa ,boa screwed me so bad ,they would take $25 out of my checking put in my savings charge me overdraft fee for a check that went through,but in 5 days would double it,they would continue to do this ,I only got paid every 2 weeks,I was going to shread all my statements,kept them in only 2 months I had paid over $ never ended until I closed the savings account with them

  253. So not one person on this site has received anything? If you still have an account with BofA they should start depositing the cash into accounts at the end of the week. The court documents said 30 days. If you still have an account with BofA, like me, let us know if you get anything dumped into your account. Hope everyone gets some news soon!

    • There have been no appeals filed. The timeline on the final court docs gave the administrator 30 days to deposit it into existing accounts, 60 days to distribute checks via US Mail and 90 days to rectify the debt reduction. They have 15 days from depositing the cash into existing accounts to report the progress. The claims administrator is Epiq Systems. They will do the actual calculation/distribution of funds, etc. Like I said in an earlier message, you can’t believe any of the other websites that have info on the class action, just the eobc/

      • At least 2 appeals have been filed and until all appeals are resolved they cant distribute the money. So who knows how long its gonna be

    • Cecelia,
      Scroll all the way to the bottom of that website. Notice the disclaimers and the need for cash at .10 a page? These sites are full of crap. Stick with the administrator’s website and the original court docs and there you should be informed with the correct info.

  254. Yep. Thank you for clearing that up Marta. There’s a whole bunch of fake sites that are trying to get peoples attention & its all false.

  255. I do have one question that I am wondering if someone can answer. BOA closed my account in early 2017 with a $600.00 negative balance in which probably less than half was the actual fees, and most was for a check that overdrafted. Being that they never came after me for what was owed and they charged-off the account, I wonder if I am entitled to anything from that? Of course, that has nothing to do with the 3 prior years that I am sure I had quite a few EOD’s. Thanks!

  256. People are saying that there have been no appeals filed and that other sites are giving out false info. Hope they are right

  257. Hey gang! Have hope. The reimbursement process should begin effective October 1st—precisely 30 days past the Judge’s final ruling. There’s no way to tell whom will be paid first, or the manner in which payments are made (alpha order; length of bank history for each individual; amounts to be paid on a high-to-low basis first; etc). I’d encourage each of you to post immediately if/when you receive monies so that everyone can be alerted to the fact that the money is finally coming through the pipeline! 🙂

  258. Thank god because we need to get paid what they have. Taken from us I just hope it’s at least half of what they taken from us because a lot of people are saying we are only getting like 5 to 20 dollars

  259. I had a dream that I got $1750.00 back. I guess that is a decent amount, but I had three accounts with Bank of America that were inundated with overdraft fees.
    So now I’m interested to see if my dream was correct. I’m not being greedy, but I hope it’s more than that.

  260. Yes let’s hope you guys! I don’t think 1750 is greedy at all, for a lot of us these fees put us in financial hardship for a long time, cause once you get that first over draft they know you will get it again and then to slap you back down again with a whole extra fee! They owe us!!!

  261. One question it says that they where not going to charge the extended overdraft from diciembre 2017 but I been charged since then a lot of them will they have to give me back that money to

    • @ Vanessa: You are correct—you should NOT be charged extended overdraft fees in accordance with the BOA settlement. These fees were to be dropped for five years. If you are incurring them still, contact BOA immediately and remind them of the settlement terms, and have them removed. Remember, however, that this applies solely to extended overdraft charges only, not the regular overdrafts. My own account has not been charged with EOD’s since the settlement announcement. Best wishes to you!

  262. Well guys guess we will be waiting longer now 2 appeals have been filed the new update is on eobc website this is so messed up

  263. Yup saw the new post. Oh it’s gonna be a good long while if ever. And they’re ramping up attorneys fees and court costs in the process. Whole thing is a joke.

  264. I agree, Robert. One thing is certain on my end: once this drama is over and done, I’m saying FUCK YOU to BOA and giving my business to a rival. If a third of all BOA account holders did likewise, we could send them a clear message: BULLSHIT DOESNT PAY DIVIDENDS IN THe LONG TERM!

  265. Ok I found a doc it’s at the top, appeal filed 9/21, 2 days after final judgment.

    Objector “Estafania Osorio Sanchez” who is this person?

    Another appeal filed 9/25 from class member “Amy Collins”

    No specific reason stated in the posted docs.
    I remain perplexed.

  266. Following the Court’s Order granting Final Approval of the Settlement, two objectors to the Settlement have filed notices of appeal. Until those appeals are resolved, the cash and debt relief to the Settlement Class may not be distributed and given to Settlement Class Members. Class Counsel will be acting on behalf of the Settlement Class to oppose the appeals, which claim that the Settlement should not have been approved. At this time, Class Counsel and the Settlement Administrator are not able to state when the appeals will be concluded. Settlement Class Members may periodically check this website for further updates.

    Y’all we ain’t getting back shit! Or maybe those two person who filed maybe just trying to help us out on getting more instead of less.

  267. Estefania Osiris Sanchez…her name rings a bell. I know I’ve seen in before in one of the pdf docs. I’m gonna dig back; gotta find it. As for Amy Collins…she’s a Class Member and yet objecting? What the hell? Because she—if not BOTH—are unlikely to receive reimbursement? If such is the case, this shouldn’t drag on forever. Still, I’m going to research further.

  268. SO: I did the Google thing in hopes it would prove easier to locate both objectors. It was! Ms. Sanchez appears to be object long to the Debt Relief payments; and Ms. Collins has a beef with appropriations for attorneys fees. Both legal docs are 23 and 54 pages long, respectively. Gang, I can’t possibly read through all of them tonight. What I can say is that, based on the dates, these were objections noted EARLY in the Hearings. It appears that Judge Lorenz lowered the gavel with His verdict, knowing full well both dissenters would likely appeal (and they have). What remains to be revealed is HOW LONG before the appeals are remedied. In any event, I don’t see there objections as helping the rest of us—it’s clear they were trying to help themselves largely (in my humble opinion). And, might I add that I remain
    pissed off…but I guess this is the nature of lawsuits.

  269. Probably 2 people who work for boa that appealed just to have it drawn out further. Wow talk about low. Im so glad i dropped boa 2 years ago. I got tired of them taking my money and always charging me for not having money. Probably never gonna see a payout and if we do its gonna be 5 bucks while the attorneys get paid hella.

  270. This is definitely disappointing news, however, we do have lawyers that are representing Us in this Settlement.

    Maybe we should be proactive in contacting them, and make them earn all that money they are getting, by finding a way to get rid of these two interferences with our money.

    I looked into frequently asked questions (on the Website) FAQs, #14 “Do I have a Lawyer in this case”?,
    and it list (4) Lawyer’s that represent us.

    Hassan Zavareei
    Tycko & Zavareei LLP
    1828 L ST. N Suite
    Washington, DC 20036

    Bryan Gowdy
    Creed & Gowdy P.A.
    865 May Street
    Jacksonville, Florida 32204

    Jeff Ostro
    Kopelowitz Ostrow P.A.
    Suite 500
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

    Christina Pierson
    John R. Hargrove
    Kelley Uustal PC
    500 North Federal Highway
    Suite 200
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

    Maybe we can contact them to find out what’s next in this process, and ask them to rigorously find a way to get us our money.

    The website did not give the telephone numbers for the attorneys, but I guess we could Google to get the numbers.Thanks guys.
    Not taking this lying down. Somebody going to give me My Money!!

  271. You guys are good 🙂 and much appreciated, thanks for the info and I’ll cooperate on anything we need to do to bug these people!

  272. Thanks to these two females we won’t get our money next month now we all have to suffer and wait more because of them how much more can they get then ya doing this wow

  273. Fuck it maybe they’ll get us the class members more moneyyyyyyyy honeyyyyyyy so relaxxxxxxx & let’s look at the bright side

  274. They rob from the poor and give to the rich. We all got screwed. Face it we aint ever gonna get paid. And if we do its gonna be .25 cents. One thing for sure tho is i will never bank with BOA again!!

  275. Let’s not lose heart, Delay does not mean Denial.
    My prayer is that all the issues that these two people brought up when they filed that appeal will have no merit,
    and that the Judge will uphold the final judgment approving the Settlement, and release the funds immediately. it’s just a Delay, but, we will win and We will get our money!!
    I know that we can all use that money very badly right now, but hang in there we will get it.

  276. Hopefully everything will work out for Class Members we Deserve every Dollar God Is On Our Side BOA are Thieves And Finally Got Caught !!!!!!

  277. We need to keep bugging the attorney’s if those two woman appealing to the court especially to greedy judge Lorenz…the judge will say when to come back to the court a set date they are lying to us.

  278. Anyone know how long it might take to process either appeal? Reading through the pdf docs, it seems both could easily be remedied quickly.

  279. Let’s face it according to FDIC rules the bank was totally wrong in adding on this extended overdraft fee. So these appeals is a stall tactic, for what reason? These two females what is really in it for them? The bank and the people know it was wrong. Could they be relatives to someone maybe an attorney even? Dam my head is really spinning now

    • The Collins woman seems to be objecting to attorney fees, which is silly in light of the fact that Judge Lorenz reduced the amount by $2M. As for the Sanchez woman, she’s griping about debt reduction…this tooni don’t understand. You owed the bank; they are offering an admittedly small stipend against that debt. Yet she’s complaining about the ‘sub-class’ not getting treated fairly? What did she expect, full restitution for a debt she owed? Further, it takes money to file appeals. She’s got cash to pay a lawyer, yet none to satisfy an old debt? Complete BS. Meanwhile, we are delayed in receiving monies owe because of their actions. Both of them need to be slapped.

  280. Lmao you said it, I didnt!!! But you know we all feel the same…because yea face it there is little left to be changed now….and thanks for the insight of the appeals cause many are wondering why and who the helll is holding up the long process AGAIN!

  281. All this nonsense about these Appeals just let BOA pay us it’s been going on far too long 2014 -2018 1/2 we’ve been patient long enough JUST LET THEM RELEASE OUR $$$$$$$$

  282. Hey gang…hoping each of you has had a great weekend. Popping in to say keep your heads and spirits up, no matter what happens. I’m hoping we’ll have good news on the horizon soon enough. 🙂

  283. Trying not to think about it . Theres nothing we can do but wait . Looks like we are all in the same boat . Have a good week everyone !!

  284. That Website has not been up-to-date with information that we need to know ASAP, I spoke with them today, and they say they will try to be as current with updates, going forward. I also contacted the offices of (2) of the Attorneys( the 2 Florida ones.

    I had to be a little persistent in insisting on speaking with them. One of them gave me a Assistant, but sometimes, I feel that it is important for them to know that we are real people affected by this, and we have rights too, at the very least,, information regarding our Case. Anyways, the said they would have the Attorney call back, so we’ll see, I guess.

    I felt sick inside when the 3rd Party Administrator said, “we were ready to distribute the checks” One of those Lawyers I was bugging, tried to put me off on her, I spoke with her, but they cannot answer the Legal questions Class members may have. She did say that we have every right to contact the Attorneys that represent us, so we’ll see. If anyone else feels led to, Call them too.
    * In the meantime, Let’s believe for the very best outcome, and Pray

  285. Your exactly right that’s great to hear you have been in contact. Thanks for the current update , the number you called should be posted on here that way those of us that may have called other numbers or attorneys involved and have not been able to get passed voicemail or received a call back can call that number…then they will get multiple calls with the people that are concerned and want to ask questions. Right! then they most definitely will keep the website up to date to avoid all the phones going off!!!

  286. Thank you Photizo for the update. It is much appreciated. Its nice that we are getting good information and not all the bullshit stuff that was going on. Thanks again for all you are doing.

  287. No problem at all guys, we are in this together. The 3rd Party Representative that I spoke with was (231 C) her number , her name was Renee.
    The Attorneys that I contacted were;
    Atty Bryan Gowdy 904-350-0075 &
    Atty Jeff Ostro 954-525-4100 877-525-4100

    Whatever info I am able to get from them will be posted right away. I was counting on that money too. Have A Great Evening!!