BBVA NBA Credit Cards will Convert to Regular Amex Cards


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bbva nba card

BBVA NBA Credit Cards will Convert to Plain Amex Cards

Bad news for BBVA NBA American Express card holders. The NBA Finals when the Warriors won their second title in the last three years, will be the last 5% cash back spending spree.

BBVA NBA Partnership Ending

BBVA is ending is relationship with the NBA. Shawn posted about this earlier this month, when it was announced that BBVA was discontinuing its NBA Checking account. He also predicted that most likely the BBVA NBA cad would be chopped next and he was right.

What Happens to BBVA NBA Cards

A report at myFICO forum spells out the fate of the BBVA NBA American Express card. “Effective July 1 2017, this card will be converted to a regular Amex with a BBVA Compass logo (NBA is going away). The card number will remain the same, but the expiration date and the code will change. You will keep the same opening date.  The new cards will be arriving in the new two months.”

This likely means that there will no longer be a connection with the NBA at all and obviously the 5% cashback on up to $5,000 in purchases everywhere, twice a year, will be axed as well.


This is an extremely short notice, or no notice at all for card members. I don’t believe anyone has been informed about this. It was not unexpected though, after the NBA Checking account was discontinued.

The card was a great product, especially when spending during the 5% periods wasn’t capped. Yes, there were issues with fraud alerts and such, but they were surely outweighed by the benefits. Hopefully we’ll see something similar in the future for NBA cards.

HT: Doctor of Credit

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