A New Amazing Amex Offer That I am not Targeted For! (But You May Be!)


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bjs wholesale club amex offer

The other day in my reminder about the Smart & Final Amex offer I called it the best offer ever. The main reason was because it afforded a 50% discount and could be used multiple times. Now, another almost identical offer has surfaced, although it is targeted.

BJ’s Wholesale Amex Offer

BJ’s Wholesale is a club store similar to Costco or Sam’s Club. Today American Express released two new targeted offers for BJ’s. They are both fantastic in my opinion. Let’s take a look:

Offer 1:
  • Spend $100+ and get a $30 statement credit. The offer can be used up to 3 times per card. Expires 8/15/15
Offer 2:
  • Spend $50+and get a $25 statement credit. The offer can be used up to 3 times per card. Expires 8/15/15

How to Load

bjs wholesale club amex offer

Both of these offers are targeted and can only be loaded to your card on the American Express website. There is no twitter hashtag as of now and my guess is there won’t be one.

Key Terms

  • In-club only
  • Valid towards memberships (You may be able to get a free 60 day membership here.)
  • Excludes: Pre-Orders; Car Rentals; Hotels; Cruises; Vacation Packages; Auto Buying; Check Printing; Hearing Center; Stationery; DirecTV; Health Insurance; Home & Auto Insurance; Home Improvement; Installed Sheds; Verizon Wireless; Restaurants.


These offers are pretty amazing. In fact, the $50 version is identical to the Smart & Final offer. Of course BJ’s is not nationwide and this offer is targeted. My guess is that perhaps they have restricted this offer to members who live in an area where a BJ’s store is located.

If you are targeted for this offer, then you should be able to purchase just about anything in-store including gift cards. This basically amounts to a 30% or 50% discount on everything depending on which offer you are targeted for. The fact that the offer can be used 3 times per card is icing on the cake.


Head over to the Amex website to check if you have been targeted. If you have, then you just won! I have been left out of many of the best offers lately and it isn’t any different with this one. Hopefully Amex will give me some love soon!

If you are new to Amex Offers, this is a great guide I helped to write over at Frequent Miler. Enjoy!

HT: Slickdeals

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  1. Shoot. I have BJ’s in my area and was not targeted on any cards 🙁
    I was also left out of all the good offers lately. Amex must hate me

  2. FYI, for anyone interested. BJ’s is located in these states only:
    You’re out of luck on the West Coast.

    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New York
    North Carolina
    Rhode Island

  3. I used the multiple window trick and got it on all 3 of my cards! I live in VA and have a BJs a few miles from the house fwiw.

  4. At least it’s not in any of my cards. I live in Hawaii and I would have been upset with Amex again for offering me deals that I can never use


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