British Airways Makes A Small Update To Their Award Search Page

The new search page is much cleaner then the last version, but the results still look the same.
The new search page is much cleaner then the last version, but the results still look the same.

Small Improvements

Over the past two year British Airways has made incremental improved to their award search & booking pages. Over time they have added the ability to more easily switch days (it still isn’t very good), you can now see multiple cabin classes displayed on the same results page and it nicely shows how many Avios are required without having to click through to purchase a flight.

A New Interface

When I logged on to the British Airways site today to do a search, I noticed the main search page had changed. (New version shown above.) While the functionality and options seem to be the same, everything looks to be cleaned up a bit.

Unfortunately the results still look the same.
Unfortunately the results still look the same.

No Improved Search Functionality

I was very excited to see this cleaner looking page and had hoped that they had also made improvements to the actual functionality of the page. Unfortunately when I did a search, the results were displayed in the exact same format. Essentially they have just prettied up the front page.

I am really hoping that this means British Airways is looking at ways to improve their search interface. They already have one of the most complete ways to search for OneWorld award space, but adding more features like a calendar and the ability to search flexible dates would make searching so much easier.


In the end all we got in this small update was a prettier search page, but it is a reminder that British Airways has continually made small tweaks and improvements. Their site is my first stop when searching OneWorld award space and I hope they will continue to make it better!


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