Daily Getaways Has Busch Gardens Ticket for Half Off & Why You Should Use Caution When Buying Them!

Busch Gardens Discount Tickets Daily Getaways
Busch Gardens Williamsburg is one of the most beautiful theme parks in the world.

Busch Gardens Discount Tickets Daily Getaways

I rarely talk about the Daily Getaways promotions. Personally I don’t see many great deals and the few good ones are so limited in quantity that they are hard to snag. Thankfully there are some hidden gems as well.

Today starting at 10am Eastern you can purchase a one-day Busch Gardens ticket for $45 with a limit of 6. (Tickets must be used by 4/16/16.) As you may know I am a theme park fanatic and have ridden close to 1,000 roller coasters around the globe. Both Busch Gardens parks (Tampa & Williamsburg) are among my favorites.

Busch Gardens Discount Tickets Daily Getaways

So Why Use Caution

Last year Busch Gardens had a similar deal offering tickets at half price. Knowing that we would probably make a visit, I purchased three tickets for my family. Then life took over and before I noticed a couple of months had passed. Finally one day I found a contact and emailed Busch Gardens and was told I could just send my name, the date I would visit and the tickets would be a will call.

After pushing, the lady refused to send me tickets and insisted that I had to do the will call method. Unfortunately we never made it to Busch Gardens before the expiration and I was unable to sell the tickets (my backup plan) since they required specific names ahead of time.

What to Do

If you know that you will be visiting a Busch Gardens park then $45 for a one-day ticket is beyond a great deal. I highly suggest though that you follow up diligently with them and insist they Fedex out the tickets to you so they can be sold just in case you can’t make your visit. (The terms explicitly state the tickets will be sent out within 7-10 days via Fedex.)

The lady who I dealt with has since left the company and I suppose I could have escalated the situation further, but hindisght is 20/20 and I didn’t. In the end I am out my money for 3 tickets, but don’t let the same thing happen to you!

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  1. I didn’t buy the Universal 3-day tix for the same reason. They are non-refundable. If I buy from UCtourist, I know I get back at least 95% of the ticket.

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