Capital One Cards Can’t Be Used on Plastiq

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Capital One Cards Can't Be Used on Plastiq

Capital One Cards Can’t Be Used on Plastiq

Plastiq has sent out an email informing users that Capital One credit cards are not currently working. Check out this guide for each issuer.

Here’s the email that was sent out:

As you know, Capital One has asked us to temporarily suspend processing of payments with their cards. We’re working closely with them to remedy the situation and will reach out as soon as we have an update for you.

You can still use other cards, and they also have a promotion currently where you can pay a fee of just 1.5% instead of 2.5% on $10K+ payments.

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If you have never had Plastiq and are interested in trying it the you can get $500 in fee free dollars after you spend $500 with them using our referral link. That will allow you to pay a $500 bill without paying any type of fee for it.  If the bill is over $500 you will simply pay a fee for anything above and beyond $500.


Hopefully they get this fixed soon. Plastiq is a good way to increase credit card spending, especially when they have promotions that lower the fee under 2%.


    • True. A customer tried to pay me $1900.00 with a Capital One card. Plastiq is not able to process. I may be out $1900


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