What’s In Your Cookie? Capital One Hijacks Your Fortune!

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Capital One Savor Fortune Cookie Advertisement

In this new age of social media and with technology becoming more and more integrated into our lives, companies are finding different ways to reach our eyeballs. Despite their best efforts, it is becoming increasingly difficult to place ads that are effective and engaging. Enter Capital One’s new campaign for their Savor Credit Card.

If you launch a new card with a great bonus at restaurants, then why not advertise in those restaurants?!? The other day I was perusing my Facebook feed when an annoyed friend posted a picture of his fortune.

Capital One Savor Fortune Cookie Advertisement

Mixed Responses

It turns out that Capital One has paid to advertise on the back of fortune cookie fortunes. They even have paid a bit more for color! After seeing this I searched Twitter and found out this isn’t an isolated phenomenon. It seems that these fortune cookies are going out from sea to shining sea. People’s reactions were unsurprisingly mixed.

Some people were all in and excited about Capital One’s new ad campaign.

While some people took the ad in a lighthearted way.

While others seemed to be a bit pissed off.

My Thoughts & Possible Affects On Our Society 😉

I give Capital One creative points for this campaign. 4% cashback on the Capital One Savor card (and a $500 bonus) is definitely compelling and what better way to get the message out than to advertise in restaurants while people are eating. With that said, is nothing sacred anymore?

For years Americans have long frequented Chinese restaurants to be shown our lucky numbers and to be told what to expect in our future. Without these fortunes we would be lost. While I give Capital One credit for being clever, let’s hope bringing capitalism into the cosmic realm doesn’t cause universal misalignment and inaccurate fortunes. That could be disastrous.

What do you think about Capital One’s new fortune cookie ad campaign? Is it clever or just annoying? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I will take it on my Uber card instead. I think the Uber card is the most undersung card out there. No fee, get Netfix paid, big insurance on phones, and very easy to add points to the card. If you are a Uber user, you gotta have the Uber card.


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