Flash Sale: 19%+ Off Hyatt Gift Cards + 5X!


CardCash Flash Sale Hyatt

CardCash Flash Sale Hyatt

One of the best things about Hyatt as a chain has been the ability to obtain their gift cards at a discount in order to save on stays. Currently CardCash is offering Hyatt gift cards at 19%+ off of face value. (Most cards are 19% off, however some smaller cards are 19.9% or 20.3% off.)

Purchase Hyatt Gift Cards at CardCash

The cards are already discounted so no code is required. Additionally you should earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points if you pay with a Chase Ink/Plus card through PayPal.


Expires: 2/23/2017 at 5:00 PM EST. All CardCash promotions are valid until the expiration date written on the email. Most promotions are not yet available on the app. Maximum $3,000 per customer

Use Caution

CardCash only guarantees their cards for 45 days. Additionally I know a few people who have had Hyatt gift cards purchased from CardCash go bad. Thus I would only purchase these if you have an immediate use. Plan on using these cards within the 45 days. Using them as soon as possible is preferable.

Buy Hyatt Gift Cards at CardCash


Outside of the targeted Amex Offer late last year, this is the best discount we have seen on Hyatt gift cards in a while. While I strongly urge using caution, if you have an immediate use for Hyatt gift cards then this is a deal that is definitely worth looking at!

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  1. This site should not be promoting purchasing Hyatt gcs from these resellers especially when it is well known that thieves are stealing legitimately purchased cards.

  2. Also it is no surprise that the seller is cardcash as they are the only reseller that doesn’t require the physical card (according to gift card wiki). I hope someone sues them over their obvious lack of due diligence. Seriously as of now, 62 cards for sale in a $500 denomination? How are they letting this happen? Can’t believe Hyatt isn’t more on top of this also.

  3. I got screwed out of $450 I paid for one of the $500 Hyatt gift cards from Card Cash last summer and they refused to give me even one dime back. I only had the “certificate” for about 75 days and it was all used up when I presented it at the hotel. They are not clear when purchasing that they only guarantee the value of their cards for 45 days. What a bunch of crooks, avoid them at all costs.

  4. Do these have pin numbers?

    I know when I checked out at one Hyatt, they were fine with me just showing a photo of my Hyatt gift cards. Hyatt should have a policy that to redeem a physical gift card, the card must be present at check out. Two hundred of my Hyatt balance was stolen from me.

  5. Nothing worse than when checking out of a Hyatt stay to be told at the FD that your 2X$500 Hyatt GC are worthless. Called to get a refund, only to be told that I had 45 days for a refund!!! I had to call the CC I used to purchase these Gift Certs to get them to reverse the charge. The Hyatt property where I was staying acted as an “expert witness” in convincing the CC company to reverse the charge.


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