Flash Sale: Extra 5% Off at CardCash on Already Discounted Cards + 5X! (Including Hyatt at over 20% Off!)


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CardCash Flash Sale

CardCash Flash Sale

Right now gift card reseller CardCash is offering an additional 5% off their entire stock of discounted gift cards!

The Offer

Get an extra 5% off site-wide with the code HIGHFIVE

Buy Gift Cards at CardCash

Key Terms

  • Expires: 4/26/2017 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • All CardCash promotions are valid until the expiration date written on the email.
  • Most promotions are not yet available on the app.
  • Maximum $3,000 per customer

5X with Chase Ink

Purchases from CardCash have been earning 5X Ultimate Rewards points if you pay with a Chase Ink Cash, Ink Bold or Ink Plus card through PayPal. That definitely sweetens the deal.

45 Day Guarantee Only!

CardCash only guarantees their cards for 45 days. From time to time cards purchased from CardCash do go bad. They have always done a good job of guaranteeing cards within the 45 day window, however I would not buy a card unless you have an immediate use.

Buy Gift Cards at CardCash

Hyatt 20%+ Off

One of the more popular brands at CardCash is Hyatt. Right now their regular discount is about 16% but with this additional 5% off the discount goes to over 20% off. For example, on a $50 card I looked at, the cost was $39.76 after the code. That is a discount of 20.48%!


As always I recommend comparing rates to make sure you are getting the best deal, but I know that in many cases you will be. I just purchased a few cards at about 4% less than normal with this code. As long as you are aware of their guarantee and have a use for the cards, this is a great deal!


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  1. NO NO NO. Quit pimping this shady outfit!!!

    Google them and you’ll see the 400+ complains with the BBB and also a laundry list of negative reviews on Scamguard.

  2. I hit 76% using the discount. Never had a problem as long as I have specific plans to use them within the 45 days. When the cards do turn up bad which they do from time to time they refund my money. I can live with that.

  3. 1st purchase from the site based on your article. received card in email. Tried to use card and retailer rejected as invalid gift card code. opened ticket with support. YMMV.


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