Up to 35% Off Merchant Gift Cards Returns – Hot Deal!


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cardcash instant5

CardCash 5% Discount on All Cards

CardCash has been making noise quite a bit lately. They have run a number of sales on gift cards and recently launched their Walmart eGift card exchange program. Today they have brought back a popular sale.

Just before Christmas CardCash ran a promotion offering an extra 5% off all gift cards on the site. Thankfully, they have brought that same promotion back. To get the discount, simply enter the promo code INSTANT5 at checkout.


cardcash instant5
INSTANT5 takes 5% off all gift cards.

Promotions like this one are good, since they apply to all gift cards. While some merchant cards are often discounted, others rarely see a discount. This is an opportunity to purchase those types of cards. Would I buy a Sears gift card at a 9.5% discount? No, because I can get them up to 20% off during sales on eBay.

As always, I recommend not stockpiling merchant gift cards. If you have an upcoming use, then this is a way to save additional money, but it is way too easy to get stuck with cards and/or lose them.

Here is a small sample of the cards offered and discount amount after the code:

  • Ace – 13%
  • Advance Auto – 27%
  • AMC Theaters – 23.2%
  • Ann Taylor – 25%
  • Apple – 7%
  • Anna’s Linen – 33%
  • AutoZone – 26%
  • Bath & Body Works – 10%
  • Bass Pro Shops – 17%
  • Bebe – 17%
  • Big Lots – 10%
  • Boston Market – 30%
  • Burlington – 18%
  • Chili’s – 16%
  • Claire’s – 35%
  • Colombia Sportswear – 17%
  • CVS – 15%
  • Famous Footwear – 16%
  • Gap – 13%
  • Home Depot – 10%
  • Hyatt – 11%
  • Lucille’s – 19%
  • Office Depot – 10%
  • Petco – 21%
  • Southwest Airlines – 10%
  • Starbucks – 17.5%
  • Vans – 22.5%
  • Whole Foods – 7%
  • Williams-Sonoma – 12%


I recommend heading over to CardCash to see if they have any merchants available that interest you. Be sure to click through to the merchant to see what denominations they have available. Quantity is often severely limited for more popular merchants. Enjoy!

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  1. I wouldn’t promote this site. I fell for this and they charged my credit card but never shipped the gift cards. They have 341 complaints with the BBB. 103 of them are for non-delivery. Sounds like a scam to me. I’ll be disputing the charge.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I have heard of others having the same issue. I had an issue with an order that didn’t properly process and found that Jeremy (jeremy@cardcash.com) was able to get it fixed immediately.


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