Carrabba’s Amex Offer: Profit Off Gift Cards or Save 40% or More on Food!


carrabbas amex offer

Carrabba’s Amex Offer

American Express released a new Amex Offer this morning giving a very nice discount at Carrabba’s. Let’s take a look at how to maximize and even make a small profit.

The Offer

Get a one-time $10 statement credit by using your connected Card to make a single purchase of $25 or more in-restaurant at Carrabba’s by 5/31/2016.

How to Load

Update: This offer has reached its max number on enrollments. You can still redeem the offer until 5/31 if you have it loaded to a card.

This offer can be loaded to your cards via the American Express website or by tweeting #AmexCarrabbas from a linked account.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid 3/7/16 – 5/31/16
  • Valid in-restaurant only.
  • Not valid on online purchases.
  • Excludes airport locations, locations located at 3115 Kirby Lane, Houston TX and 1399 South Voss, Houston TX.
  • Excludes deliveries done through third parties.

You can find the full terms on the offer page.

Gift Cards

Perhaps the simplest way to do this deal is to purchase gift cards in a restaurant for 40% off. You could then use those gift cards at Carrabba’s or sister brands Outback or Bonefish Grill. You could also sell them for up to 76% of face value.

For example, if you have this offer on 10 cards, you could purchase $250 worth of gift cards for $150. You could then sell those cards for $190. Is this worth the hassle? That would be up to you, but the profit to time ratio isn’t the most favorable.

AARP Stacking

I am an AARP member, (since it got me the deal of the century on business class tickets) which means I can get a 15% discount by flashing my card at Carrabba’s, Outback or Bonefish Grill. By combining this Amex Offer with the 15% discount, I can achieve a savings of almost 50%. That isn’t bad and while these are chains, I have found the food at Bonefish is somewhat decent.


This definitely isn’t the best Amex Offer ever, but it does present some opportunity for profit and a decent discount on food. We saw a similar offer last year, so let us pray that we see other good offers return in 2016. Cough cough Smart & Final cough.

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  1. hold on there…

    It’s a $10 one time discount. You’re not going to be able to purchase $250 worth of gift cards for $150. It’ll cost you $240.

    • Hi George. This is what I said, “For example, if you have this offer on 10 cards, you could purchase $250 worth of gift cards for $150.”

      The example assumes you have this offer on 10 different cards. Many readers have multiple cards they can load an offer to.

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t have this offer on any of their cards and hasn’t been able to get it to show up via a Tweet?

  3. I think the early people will make some money but they buy back prices will drop imo then some people are gonna be looking at break even type numbers. That is my thinking at least…pass for me.

  4. From what I can tell it has to be purchased at a Carrabba’s (and not at Outback for example) to get the credit. Too bad there aren’t any around here. Good deal for those with a Carrabba’s nearby.

  5. Shawn, does Carrabba’s give the AARP discount on the purchase of gift cards? Or are you referring to using the discount later when you use the gift cards to dine? I’ve done the Carrabba’s gift card route in the past with Amex Offers and it’s a great deal for dining at Bonefish.

  6. One thing I’m confused…how do you get the card for 40% off? Are you saying that if I go into Carrabba’s and buy one of their gift cards, it will be 40% off the face value?

    • The Amex Offer is $10 off $25. By purchasing a $25 gift card with an Amex card that has the offer loaded, you will receive a $10 discount. Basically you will be paying $15 for a $25 card which is a 40% discount off of face value.


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