A Huge But Simple Update That Will Help You Earn Greater Rewards in Less Time!

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cashback monitor payouts by card type

Cashback Monitor Adds a Killer New Feature

I write about shopping portals a lot here on Miles to Memories. One of the reasons for that is because so much money is left on the table when people decide to go straight to a website to make a purchase. Some stores like Amazon don’t payout through portals for most items (so you can use your favorite blogger’s affiliate link), but almost all stores pay something and you should absolutely get your cut.

The site I use multiple times a day to find the best rate of return across all portals is Cashback Monitor. I usually start my day reading Frequent Miler’s portal alerts which tie into Cashback Monitor’s data. I then click through when I find a store/payout that interests me. Cashback Monitor has continued to improve their product over time, for example with their addition of historical payouts.

New Feature – Payouts by Credit Card Type

Yesterday morning when I visited the site, I noticed something new. Cashback Monitor now separates out payouts by credit card type. I apologize for not covering this change sooner, but I got caught up in other things like gift card sales and covering Hilton’s new status match opportunity. Yesterday was a crazy day!

So back to the change. What exactly does this new feature mean? Well some portals have different payouts depending on which card you have. Let’s take a look:

cashback monitor payouts by card type

Here you can see two examples of it. First, the United portal has different payout rates for holders of the United credit card and non-cardholders. Also, each Chase Ultimate Rewards card type has its own payouts through the Ultimate Rewards mall. The above screenshot is for JCPenney. As you can see, Freedom is paying 8X while Ink and Sapphire are only paying 4X.


This is a fantastic feature since previously the site would simply show the highest payout across all types. Maybe you don’t have a Freedom card or don’t want to take the time to dig through the portal for each product. This is a huge improvement and yet another function that adds to Cashback Monitor’s value. It really is a must-use product.


It’s amazing how small changes can have a significant impact. In times where we see massive devaluations and changes to the loyalty landscape, being able to earn as many points as possible in the easiest way possible is important. Thankfully tools like Cashback Monitor help tremendously and as a Freedom, Ink & Sapphire cardholder, I thank them for making my life easier!


  1. This is a great improvement. I have often been frustrated why the Chase UR payout wasn’t what was listed on CashBackMonitor previously. In reality, it was because I was using my Ink’s portal, when I could/should have been using the Freedom portal.


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