Citi Sears Spending Offers – 15X on Travel, 5X on Online Purchases

This upcoming quarter they don't disappoint. Some people are seeing offers that can get you up to 15x on travel.
Citi Not Honoring Bonus

Citi Just Threw a Grenade at Their Credit Card Lineup, Removing Most Fringe Card...

Citi just started notifying cardholders that many benefits will be dropped from all of their credit cards in the next few months.

How to Request a Citi Credit Limit Increase with Just a Few Clicks &...

Are you looking to increase your Citi credit limit without having your credit report run? Thankfully the process is simple, automated and in most cases won't result in a credit check.
Citi Not Honoring Bonus

Citi Changing Rules on Card Bonuses… Once per 48 Months?

Citi has a rule that limits credit card signup bonuses to one every 24 months. They tweaked that rule a bit earlier this year, and now it looks like they are changing it once again.

Citi is Cracking Down on Matching Credit Card Offers

Citi is cracking down on matching increased offers for many of their credit cards. It used to be possible to get matched to higher offers when they were available.

Earn 5X AA Miles With Targeted CitiBusiness AAdvantage Spending Offer

Citi has just sent out a targeted CitiBusiness AAdvantage spending offer that will allow some cardmembers to earn 5 miles per dollar!

Credit Card Reconsideration Strategies When Calling In Fails

Have you applied for a credit card and been denied? Utilizing these credit card reconsideration strategies can help turn that denial into an approval!
Citi Prestige Retention call

Citi Sends Product Change Offers to Some Customers

Citi has sent out offers to some of its customers. The offers do not offer a bonus, but still get you some extra benefits at no cost.



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