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Citi Makes Changes to Bonus Terms, There’s Good and Bad News

Citi Prestige Card Relaunch Includes Major Changes
Citi has changes the terms for receiving bonuses on their ThankYou Points credit cards. The new rule might extend that by a couple of more months but also has some positives.

New Design: Citi Improves Website with New Aesthetic/Features!

Citi is rolling out a fresh website design for their customers. Find out what new design & features they have added plus why it isn't enough to fix the site's long term problems.

Citi Prestige is Available Once Again with a 50,000 TYP Signup...

Citi Prestige has been revamped and relaunched. We already knew that the card was due for a comeback, and we also knew the enhancements and more importantly, the negative changes.

(Targeted) Citi ThankYou Preferred Spending Offer – New 5X Categories Sent...

My wife was targeted for a new Citi ThankYou Preferred spending offer. This one earns 5X points on many different travel categories.

Is It Just Me? I Don’t Get The Excitement For The...

Citi is excited, some bloggers and readers are excited, but I am not excited about the upcoming Citi Rewards+ credit card.

Earn 5X Thank You Points with New Targeted Spending Offer

Citi Prestige Card Relaunch Includes Major Changes
Targeted Spending Offers From Citi, Earn up to 5X

Citi Dividend 2019 Rotating Categories Released: Drugstores, Gas, Home Depot and...

Citi Prestige Card Relaunch Includes Major Changes
Citi’s Dividend card is no longer available to the public, but there are many people who have one. 

New Round of Citi ThankYou Spending Offers Sent Out

Citi Prestige Retention call
Today I received an email with a pretty decent spending offer on my ThankYou Premier card. This is a targeted offer, so you need to have received an email to qualify.



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