Denied for US Bank Olympics Flexperks Promo: My Stupid Mistake That Cost Me Big!

How a simple mistake that could have been easily avoided, cost me a bonus that could be worth more than $700 and what you should do to avoid it.

WARNING: Do Not Use a Referral for the FlexPerks Olympic Bonus

If you are planning on applying for the FlexPerks Olympic promo, using a referral can be incredibly costly.

To FlexPerks or Not to FlexPerks with a 74% Increased Bonus

A look at the final tally on the FlexPerks Olympic Bonus. Is a 74% increased bonus on these cards worth it or should you avoid the FlexPerks program altogether?

U.S. Bank FlexPerks Olympic Promo: Huge Value & Big Bonus! Is Now the Time...

Earn thousands of bonus points with two popular cards during the 2016 Summer Olympics based on the U.S. team's medal count.

The Best Credit Card Offer from each of the Major Banks – June, 2016

A look at the best credit card offers from each of the major banks in the U.S. Which cards should you be looking at and why.

End of Year Targeted U.S. Bank Spending Offers Including a Fantastic Flexperks Deal!

Targeted End of Year U.S. Bank Spending Offers U.S. Bank is sending out targeted spending offers on their Club Carlson and Flexperks credit cards. Let's take a look at two offers I was personally targeted...
Hotel Point Expiration Policies

Club Carlson Free Night Cert Update & How to get Yours

An update on the Club Carlson free night certificate for credit card holders and how you may still be able to get one of your own.

The Current Best Credit Card Offer From Each of the Major Banks

A look at what I believe is the single best credit card offer from each of the major banks. Banks covered include: Chase, Citi, Amex, BofA, US Bank & Barclay's.



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