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We earn a ton of miles/points by taking advantage of various deals. Learn how we do it!

MtM's Deals for Beginners

Seeing all of the deals we cover can get to be a little overwhelming. Here are some resources that will get you up to speed.

Ninja Tricks: Macy's Stack Deals for 70% Off 

Ninja Tricks

One of our favorite things to do is to cobble together deals, rebates, shopping portals and any other discounts we can get our hands on to save a TON of money. We stack these offers together in something we call "Ninja Tricks". You'll want to check these out.

See all of our posts about Ninja Tricks!

Gift Cards

So what's the deal with gift cards anyway? We cover a couple of different types of deals here on Miles to Memories. We cover merchant gift card deals for reselling and we cover Visa/Mastercard deals for liquidating.

Merchant Gift Cards

Want to learn how to earn a potential profit and generate lots of points through gift card reselling? We have you covered!

Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards

It's possible to earn huge rewards by purchasing and liquidating these types of cards. The learning curve can be a bit steep, but once you are "in the know" then things get much easier. Here are some resources to help.


Finally, we talk a lot about deals for reselling. Yes, some of the reselling advice pertains to gift cards, but we also resell merchandise and tickets. If you're interested in generating rewards via these methods, here are some resources to help.

Merchandise Reselling

See all of the posts in our ongoing Million Dollar Reseller series!

Ticket Reselling

More Help

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Get Extra 5% Back at Walmart, eBags & More with Chase...

Get Extra 5% Back at Walmart, eBags & More with Chase Pay Check your email for an offer from Chase that can earn you an...

Get $600 Bonus With New Chase Checking and Savings Accounts

Chase is one of the most generous banks out there when it comes to checking and savings account bonuses. Now their best $600 bonus has been extended.

$300 Chase Savings Bonus, Available Online and In-Branch

Over the past few years Chase has been the most generous of the big banks with bonuses for opening up checking/savings accounts. But now there's a public bonus for $300 for new savings accounts that can be done online.

Targeted Uber Offer, Save up to 50% on Rides

Uber is once again sending an offer for discounted rides to some of its customers. This one is a bit different from previous offers and can get you as much as 50% off.

eBay Bucks Promo – 13% Back in App, 8% On Site

Discounted Gift Cards on Ebay: Babies"R"Us, Best Buy,
eBay has a new promotion that will net you some awesome savings for your Summer shopping. 

Best Buy Gift Card Deal is Back – Buy $100 in...

The popular Best Buy gift card deal is back. Get a $10 bonus card for each $100 Best Buy gift card you purchase, max of $30 in bonus codes.

Airlines Shopping Portal Bonuses, Get up to 1,500 Extra Points

There's two new shopping portal bonuses from United and American Airlines that can earn you as much as 1,500 total bonus points.

Get a $5 Bonus from Chase When You Go Paperless [Targeted]

Chase is targeting some customers with an offer to earn $5 just for going paperless. The offer is showing up when you log in online into your Chase accounts.

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