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Editor Notes

Editor Notes

Notes and site information direct from the editor.

You Could Get a Rebate Check If You Bought Canada Dry...

A new class action settlement could make you eligible for a rebate check if you bought any Canada Dry Ginger Ale product over the last few years. 

Sonic Data Breach, You Could Get a Rebate if You Made...

Sonic suffered a data breach in 2017. Soon after, lawsuits were filed claiming that Sonic did not have adequate safeguards in place and should be held responsible for the data breach.

Apple Hit with Lawsuit Over FaceTime Eavesdropping

If you see your iPhone ringing with a FaceTime video call, it’s possible that the person calling you could listen to your microphone before you’ve picked up.

U.S. State Department Says ‘Do Not Travel to Venezuela’

The travel advisory comes after the U.S. ordered the evacuation of non-emergency personnel and families, leaving just a small contingent of diplomats at the embassy in Caracas.

The Good & Bad Of 2018 – Spoiler Alert There Was...

Let's take a look back at 2018 a year in review. What went right, what went did ever so much go wrong. I take a look a the wins and losses.

Update on The Plastic Merchant – Missouri AG Not Pursuing Legal...

I wanted to take a second and share an update on The Plastic Merchant. The Missouri AG has responded to the complaints filed against TPM.

PSA – Please Please Please USE YOUR POINTS!

I am fighting an epic plague that sweeps our hobby one post at a time. The plague I am speaking of is the hoarding your points disease.

Dear Readers: My 5 Promises To You Entering 2019

With the page turning to the New Year I wanted to take a second, waste some digital ink, and share my 5 promises to you entering 2019.

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