The Hardest Thing In This Hobby – Letting Amazing Deals Slip By

What is the hardest thing in this hobby? Is it earning points? Burning points? I say it is knowing when to say no to amazing deals.

Fitbit Settlement for Older Models, Check if You Are Eligible

Fitbit has settled a lawsuit that claims some Fitbit devices are not able to track sleep as represented to consumers on the product’s packaging.

Walmart Sued Over Drained Green Dot Gift Cards

The retail giant is accused of being negligent to the issue, while knowing that these cards are susceptible to fraud. This involves several prepaid Visa cards, including products through Green Dot Bank. 

Class Action Lawsuit Claims Amazon Sells Dangerous Recalled Items

A class action lawsuit claims that the online retail giant sells recalled and dangerous items on its website. Plaintiff Ryan Edmundson says he purchased numerous items from Amazon that have been recalled.

Spirit Airlines Lawsuit Over Carry-On Bag Fees

A federal appeals court has revived a lawsuit by Spirit Airlines passengers who accuse the low-cost carrier of charging unexpected carry-on bag fees on tickets bought through OTAs such as Cheapoair, Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity.

No, Yesterday’s Post Wasn’t A “Humble Brag” & Other Thoughts

I wanted to take a moment to respond to some comments from yesterday's post and to share what others had to say on the subject.

I Fear I Am Addicted To Travel & That Isn’t A Good Thing

I fear that I am addicted to travel and I don't think that is a good thing. I share my thoughts on it and what my gameplan is going forward.

Equifax Makes it Harder to Claim a Cash Payment for Settlement

Those who chose the cash option, were notified recently that they have until October 15 to verify or amend their claim, or compensation will be denied.