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My New Airline Management Simulator Addiction – Fun for AVGeeks and...

Have you always dreamed of running your own airline against hundreds of other people in the real world? Air Tycoon Online 2 allows you to do that in a very fun and addicting way. Highly recommended!

Visiting the Oldest Amusement Parks in the World – Living Culture...

On a recent trip, I visited four of the oldest amusement parks in the world, including one that dates back to the 16th century. These parks are more than thrills. They represent the history and culture of the cities in which they are located.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Hyatt, My...

Testing out Amex Platinum roaside assitance after blowing a tire on our way to the Hyatt via Walmart on an attempt to load Kate. Why do these things happen right before early morning flights?

Which Type of Airport do You Prefer?

Qantas Will Start Weighing Carry-Ons
A look at the various types of airport designs and how frequent travelers quickly learn what they like and don't like about airports. Which airport features are the best and which ones don't stack up?

The Unexpected Has Never Been So Beautiful

A Beautiful Day of Unexpected One of my favorite things about travel are those unexpected things and places you encounter along the way. A couple...

Are Rideshares Different than Taxis? Should You Ride in the Front...

Trying to answer the age old question. When taking an Uber or Lyft rideshare by yourself, is it rude to sit in the back. Should you sit in the front?

How to Avoid Passing Out on An Airplane Due to Wearing...

Passenger Passes Out Easyjet Several UK media sources are reporting that a 19 year old Scottish boy band member passed out on an Easyjet flight...

More Travelers, Cheaper Gas & Higher Hotel Prices on Independence Day

AAA has released their figures for Indpendence Day travel. Among the takeaways are that more people are traveling, gas is cheaper, but some other expenses like airfare and lodging have increased.



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