A Hyatt Charged Me Without Permission & Why I Am Not Seeking Compensation!

The other day Hyatt charged my credit card when they shouldn't have for a cancellation, but instead of escalating and asking for compensation I sought the quickest and easiest fix.

I Was Having Issues Matching My Mlife & Hyatt Status: Here Is How I...

Mlife Hyatt Match Broken & How to Fix 2020 Mlife and Hyatt has been a partnership that has been fairly lucrative for me. As a top tier Hyatt member I used to get Mlife Platinum...

Hyatt, You Disappoint Me With Your Terrible Room Charge Rules

If you haven't looked at your Hyatt bills lately you may not realize there are some Hyatt room charge issues that mean we are missing out on points.

The Pros and Cons of Each Major Bank Points Program

The three best bank points program options all offer good value, depending on your needs. Each has their pros and cons, which are laid out here for you.

I Paid Two Pennies To Expedite My Singapore Airlines Miles Redeposit

Singapore Airlines Miles Redeposit Takes How Long? It Costs How Much? Here's a Trick I Learned. I had a Singapore Airlines partner award booking coming up that I needed to change. Starting in the same...

Guide to Airline Award Change and Cancellation Fees

Guide to Airline Award Change and Cancellation Fees You save, you plan, you book that award you've been eyeing for a long time. But then something comes up, and you must cancel. Suddenly, you're paying...

Awesome Sauce! Target Is Launching A Rewards Program, Target Circle

There is a new rewards program coming to Target and it is called Target Circle. In my overview I discuss the program's perks and how to max out its value!

Why I Hate Marriott Resort Fees As A Percent of Room Rate

Marriott has a new practice at one hotel that could spell Armageddon for Bonvoy members given the program's terms. Okay maybe not, but this move is anything but good and is a policy I fear will spread across the hotel industry.



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