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One of the best ways to get inspired about travel is to read about the experiences of others. Miles/points give us the opportunity to have experiences we could have only dreamed about otherwise. We share those experiences in our reviews.

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Would you believe we hold elite status with over two dozen hotel, airline and car rental loyalty programs? Most of the time we don't even earn the status but instead utilize status matches, promotions and credit card benefits to get us there. Here is some more info so you can not only travel, but get all of the perks along the way!

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Yes, loyalty programs are the backbone of the travel industry and we aim to take full advantage of them. Elite status is one thing, but sometimes there are one-off promotions or benefits we need to know about. Make sure to check out all of our loyalty posts below.

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After just passing the one year anniversary or my family's horrible trip down to Disney World I talk about using miles and points to make a long layover bearable.

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American Express may be testing out new Centurion Lounge access restrictions in order to prevent overcrowding during peak travel times. Find out which lounge saw access severely restricted this past weekend and why it might not be a bad thing.

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New FoundersCard Benefit: Las Vegas Cosmopolitan (Marriott's Autograph Collection)
A complete top to bottom Founderscard guide to all of the various travel, business and lifestyle discounts and benefits you get as a member.

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Sometimes travel gets in the way of taking advantage of amazing deals. Should one regret taking a trip if it means missing out on a ton of great deals?

Virgin America Lives On…..Sort Of & How to Experience Their Old...

Amex Platinum Benefits Guide: Maximize Value
While Alaska has officially done away with the Virgin America brand on paper, it still very much lives on in the air, at least for now. And that's a great thing!

I Was Equipment Swapped to an Old Terrible Product & Why...

I was supposed to fly Korean Air's brand new First Class suite product, but instead was downgraded to an old beat up plane. And it was my FAVORITE flight in a long time. Here is why...

HELP! What Should I Fly? United Polaris vs. EVA Air Business...

I have a dilemma and need your help. Which Star Alliance business class should I book last minute to Asia. Should I go with what may be the best business class product or go with a carrier who has let me down? EVA vs. United. Who should I pick?

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