Adding Cuba to My Crazy Mileage Run to Panama?!? The Logistics & My Mileage...

An update on my mileage run to Panama including how I am thinking about tacking on a roundtrip flight to Cuba paid for with miles!

Kayak Releases a Travel Hacker Guide?!? (And I Like It!)

Kayak has released their Travel Hacker Guide 2015 with a number of Top 10 lists and global travel tips based on data collected from millions of searches done on the site. The results are quite interesting and potentially useful.

Traveling with Pets – Airline Pet Policies, Pet Friendly Lodging & Where to Leave...

Traveling with Pets can be difficult & expensive. Here are a couple of resources for people looking to travel with their pets and for people need someone to watch their pets while away.
Crazy routings

How I Booked A Crazy Routing from Hong Kong just to Add 12 Hours...

Find out the route I booked home from Hong Kong, why I chose a routing that takes 12 more hours & how I maximized the award!

Travel Hacking Public Transport

Save Money On Transport When Traveling I am definitely not a conventional traveler, but I see that as a good thing. One of the things I avoid like the plague is taking expensive methods of...

Behind The Booking – My Family’s Recent South American Adventure

A full breakdown of the flight costs and various strategies used to successfully book a last minute family trip to Colombia & Chile earlier this month!

Why I Almost Always Take Public Transport When Traveling

Public transport is great for getting around just about any city around the world. Find out why I try to plan my trips around public transport and how you can to.
Uber Amex Offer

A Growing Empire – My Colombian Uber Experience

While I wasn't aware of it before today, Uber is in Colombia and 41 other countries around the globe. Find out all about my Colombian Uber experience.



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