Save money, travel more. The Miles to Memories team earns millions of miles/points each year to take amazing trips across the globe. We leverage loyalty programs to turn rewards into memories that last a lifetime. Come learn our secrets!

Monday Morning Miles Talk

Monday Morning Miles Talk

Every week Senior Editor Mark Ostermann brings you tips, tricks and lessons learned on his endless pursuit to earn as many miles/points as possible!

MMMT: My First Credit Card was Laughable, Share Yours in the Comments

Let's spend this Monday morning with little reflection on how far we have come. Share your first credit card stories in the comments!

MMMT: Earning Spouse Points with American Express Account Manager

This is a must for those of us that have an unwilling spouse or significant other when it comes time to making a call to the credit card companies.

MMMT: My Ticket Reselling Flop – JT Giveth and JT Taketh Away

This is the cautionary tale of when reselling at a profit can cloud your judgement on your next reselling attempt. The results aren't pretty!

MMMT: How You Can Still Buy Amazon Gift Cards Online & Earn 5X!

Amazon pulled all of their gift cards from online sellers, but there is still one way to get Amazon gift cards without going to the store!

MMMT: Do You Ever Miss the Simplicity of Ignorance?

It isn't all caviar and dreams there are stressful moments to this hobby and a lot of work goes into it. I need to do a better job of finding the happy medium.

MMMT: My Results Using Ebay Site Wide Promos

In my latest edition of Monday Morning Miles Talk I discuss my results from those eBay site wide promos.

MMMT: Are you Prepared in Case Tragedy Strikes?

Have you set up your family for success or failure should anything ever happen unexpectedly?

MMMT: Happy Wife Means Happy Life! A Tip on Managing Household Finances

In my latest edition I discuss a trick we use that helps with household finances and helps eliminate fighting over money.

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