Save money, travel more. The Miles to Memories team earns millions of miles/points each year to take amazing trips across the globe. We leverage loyalty programs to turn rewards into memories that last a lifetime. Come learn our secrets!

MMMT: 6 Reasons Why I Avoid Rental Cars Like The Plague

I mean it is supposed to be vacation...why wouldn't I avoid rental cars like the plague?

4 Reasons Why I Kind of Loathe All Inclusive Vacations

All inclusive vacations used to be my favorite type of vacation, not anymore, now I pretty much avoid them. I give you 4 reasons why that is.

Are Staycations Grossly Overlooked in This Hobby? I’ll Give You 5...

Why don't staycations get much love in the blogosphere? I give you 5 reasons why it is still one of my favorite, if not favorite, types of vacation.

My Experience Using the $100 Mercedes Certificate from the Mercedes Benz...

I was finally able to use the $100 Mercedes Benz Certificate from American Express this weekend. I tell you how the process works & take a look at what we picked out.

MMMT: My Results from that Speedway Promotion – Stacking for Easy...

Miles to Memories Recap
Speedway's latest promotion gives you a lot of opportunity to stack your way to profit or huge savings on your future purchases.

MMMT: My First Credit Card was Laughable, Share Yours in the...

Let's spend this Monday morning with little reflection on how far we have come. Share your first credit card stories in the comments!

MMMT: Earning Spouse Points with American Express Account Manager

American Express Platinum Varieties Guide
This is a must for those of us that have an unwilling spouse or significant other when it comes time to making a call to the credit card companies.

MMMT: My Ticket Reselling Flop – JT Giveth and JT Taketh...

This is the cautionary tale of when reselling at a profit can cloud your judgement on your next reselling attempt. The results aren't pretty!



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