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Chase Friend Referrals Can Now Be Made Through the Mobile App

Chase Mobile App Referrals
Chase Mobile App Referrals Chase has a decent referral program where you can earn valuable rewards for inviting your friends and family (or blog subscribers)...

PayPal Overcharged Me – Are They Doing it to Others Too?

PayPal overcharged me on a recent peer to peer transaction. Is this a widespread issue?

How to Use the United MileagePlus X App and Earn Bonus...

Use MileagePlus X App and Earn Miles
A basic guide to using United's MileagePlus X App. Use in store for bonus miles on everyday spend and learn how to maximize earnings with a triple dip opportunity for online purchases.

Use Your Credit Card to Pay Friends With NO FEES Using...

Coming Soon: No Fee Apple Pay Credit Card Payments to Friends, will this be a good way to increase credit card spend fee-free?

Map of WiFi Passwords from Airports & Lounges Worldwide!

How to get WiFi network names and passwords for airports worldwide in one place!

No More Camera, Dumping My Android & AT&T Access More to...

Ditching a standalone camera while traveling & why the new iPhone 7 Plus's camera may be a step enough forward to finally get me to switch from Android.

Google Maps Offline Directions: My Review, A Real World Test &...

A real world review of Google Maps offline turn by turn directions. How does it work without an internet connection and is it enough to navigate a complicated road system like the one in Panama City?

Amazon Prime Now Review: Is Amazon’s Same-Day Delivery Service Any Good?

A full Amazon Prime Now review including what to expect when ordering, delivery time frame options and how to save 40% off of your first order!

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