Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

Forget to Select Uber Cash/Credits? There Is A Simple Fix

Did you forget to select Uber cash on your recent trip? Annoying isn't it? Have no fear, it is easy to correct your mistake!

Forget Calling In: Book Turkish Sweet Spot Awards Online. Sorta. Maybe.

Turkish Airlines has an awesome sweet spot for flying to Hawaii for 7,500 miles. But can you book Turkish Airlines awards online? Yes, you can!
united award sale 45k europe

United Excursionist Perk Guide: How To Add A Free Leg To Award Trips

How to use the United Excursionist Perk to add a free flight to a United award booking. Terms and examples included for getting an extra flight free.

How Do I Play the Points & Miles Game From Outside the US?

Thinking of moving out of the U.S. and want to know if travel hacking overseas is possible? Here are some tips & ideas for award travel while living abroad.
Travel Hacking Overseas

Get A Free Hotel Room & Dinner With Ethiopian Stopover Perk!

One of the more unknown travel hacks out there is the Ethiopian Airlines stopover perk which gives you a free hotel night and two free meals.

I’m Flying Frontier, But I’m Not Worried About Delays/Cancellations: Here is Why!

Freebird Flight Delay Coverage It seems to be a growingly contentious debate these days. Some people swear they will never set foot on a U.S. budget airline because of the lack of free services and...

Techniques, Tricks & “Hacks” I Used to Save Almost 90% On My Upcoming Luxury...

Car rental hacking National Rental Car and the tips, tricks and hacks I used to save almost 90% on my upcoming luxury car rental! There are so many awesome car rental travel hacks, but many seem to get overlooked for sexier airline and hotel deals.

Ways to Get Free or Reduced Cost WiFi on Flights

Airline Guide: Free or Cheap In-Flight WiFi options to save money and make your flight run just a bit more smoothly because what's worse than boredom



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