Yes! Cathay Pacific Partner Awards Now Bookable Online With American Airlines Miles

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Cathay Pacific partner awards

Book Cathay Pacific Partner Awards Online With American Airlines Miles

Cathay Pacific partner awards booked via American Airlines always required a phone call to book…until now. This is a huge win for convenience in seeing your different options all in one place with One World booking partners online at

Finding Cathay Pacific Awards on As Of Today

Without intending to, I started seeing Cathay Pacific space today. I was helping a friend look for space on Etihad via the search engine and saw CX flights for the first time. After finishing the search, I started playing around. I thought this was a fluke. After checking a few routes and dates, I don’t think it is.

Cathay Pacific partner awards AA

I can see CX space in economy, business & first. It still shows up when I log out and come back. I see it across multiple routes, multiple days, and multiple cabins. I last looked in 2 days ago, so this showed up either today or yesterday at the earliest.

Cathay Pacific partner awards AA

Final Thoughts

This is a bonus to find Cathay Pacific partner awards online. It’s definitely more convenient. Plus, I always hated the horrible hold times when calling American Airlines to book partner awards. Booking it online and seeing all of my options is much better than writing things down and then asking phone agents to do new searches, so you can compare your options. We acknowledge there are some tough spots for Cathay Pacific, but if the planes are flying still, this is a win for convenience.



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