Uber Makes Tricky Change to Amex Platinum Credits


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Changes to Amex Platinum Uber Credits

Uber Makes Tricky Change to Amex Platinum Credits

One of the most valuable enhancement to the Amex Platinum card is $200 worth of Uber credits annually. As a Platinum Member, you receive $15 in Uber credits for U.S. rides each month plus a bonus $20 in December, plus Uber VIP where available.

Until now the process of using these credit has been fairly easy. Every time you paid for a ride, the credits were automatically applied first and then you paid the rest of the trip which your preferred payment method.

Changes to Amex Platinum Uber Credits

Now the process has changed for the worse, and there was no announcement by Uber. Credit are no longer applied automatically and if you weren’t aware you might let credits expire.

Sometime earlier this month the $15 in Amex credits started being applied to your Uber Cash balance instead. You need to manually select Uber Cash as your payment method in order to use the credits. If there’s a remaining balance for your trip, after Uber Cash is applied,  you have to add credits or select a card to cover just the remaining amount.

If you do not select Uber Cash as your form of payment, then your Amex credit could go unused and expire at the end of the month.


TPG reports that this change was made to consolidate credits into one place in app and to help Uber passengers avoid applying their Amex credits to business trips. That part is somewhat positive, even though it has never really been an issue for me. But the fact that there was no announced about the change and that you have to manually apply these credits, is a negative move.

At least you have two more days to use up your October credits if you weren’t aware of this change.

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  1. I’m curious if Amex Platinum is going to make some changes to the benefits. In particular the Gold elite status with SPG (Marriott). I believe with the new elite status sYstem, the gold status benefit with the Platinum doesn’t provide any value. Now, it seems that Uber is trying to play games with the card holders credits. Can Amex provide the $200 credit in transportation categories ? Such as , parking , tolls and any form of mobil transportation. Example, Uber, Lyft ,a taxi , Ezpass or tolls!!!Let the $15 monthly credit be applied to these categories with the December bonus still intact.

    • I am going to check out gold status in SE Asia. I have low expectations. This makes it difficult to justify the Platinum Business card in year 2.

      PS Travel protections are not up to the standard set by competing cards.

  2. Uber customer service is horrendous. I was given wrong advice “specifically since specific credits I was given wouldn’t expire”, but they did expire. I submitted customer service complaint and included their previous email with bad advice. Their response was oops sorry. Talking to 800 number was not any better.

    Completely useless. I am going to delete uber once I cancel my platinum. Using uber is like blacks voting for white supremacists. Something what that black ugly dude married to that fat ugly nude would do.

  3. Just noticed this earlier today that a trip from the weekend was charged in its entirety to credit card. The pathetic Uber Customer Service is refusing to apply the $15 Uber Cash to the trip and partially refund the credit card charges. Hello Lyft.

  4. How are you guys even contacting Uber CS? I went thorugh the “help” and am sitting at 17 hours with no response. Is there an actual phone number or e-mail?

    • Emailed several times through “help”. Several responses came within the hour, one took several hours, and the last email no response for a day now.

  5. Uber has the worst customer service ever! They said that they will issue a refund then charge me the amount less $15 but they never did. When i followed up they said no they won’t issue a refund. WTH? I’m sticking with Lyft from
    now on except when I’m using my $15 uber cash


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