Saturday Night in Credit Card Land – Chase Fairmont Gone & Citi Prestige Travel Category


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A Couple of Credit Card Related Developments

While there is not a lot going on tonight, a couple of credit card related stories caught my attention.

Citi Prestige Travel Category

Chase Fairmont Card Gone

Last week I reported that the Citi ThankYou Premier card is having its travel category expanded to include gasoline and a number of other things. Doctor of Credit is reporting that Citi won’t be making similar changes to the travel category on their Prestige card.

Seeing how both cards are in the same “family” and how the Prestige has a much higher annual fee, it would make sense to make the changes on both cards, but for some reason Citi has not. Perhaps this is just another way for Citi to differentiate the products or maybe they thought the Premier was too weak a card.

Chase Fairmont Card Gone

Chase Fairmont Card Gone

Chasing the Points has noticed that the Fairmont Visa Signature card has been removed from the Chase website. While the card is still available via links found on Google and from the Fairmont site, this may be a sign that it will be going away soon. (With that said, this has happened before.)

Over the past few months we have seen Chase “optimize” their credit card products. The two most noticeable changes have been the removal of the Ink Bold and of the regular Sapphire card. (PFDigest points out others.) Perhaps Chase feels that they provide too many options and are trying to simplify things.

Of course co-branded cards are contractual and a different beast. Only time will tell if the Fairmont card goes away, however it does have a very lucrative sign-up bonus and a decent annual bonus as well. I personally don’t have it, but maybe it is time to look at this one a little closer.

What Do You Think

There is no doubt that Chase is making changes to their lineup of cards. What do you think? Does Chase provide too many options or does this make you worry? Let me know in the comments and have a great night!

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