$15 Free Money by Using Chase Freedom & Visa Checkout!


chase freedom visa checkout 15

$15 Credit With $15+ Purchase

Not to long ago Chase and Visa Checkout released offers for using both the Sapphire and Ink cards with Visa Checkout. Now it seems they have released a deal for the Chase Freedom. It should be an easy way to get $15 in free merchandise!

The Deal

  1. Spend $15 or more at any of the 100+ online stores that accept Visa Checkout.
  2. Look for the Visa Checkout button at checkout.
  3. Pay with your Chase Freedom card through Visa Checkout.
  4. Get a $15 statement credit.

Key Terms

  • This offer is valid from 11/2/2015 through 12/31/2015.
  • To qualify for this offer, you must make a single purchase of $15 or more using your Chase Freedom Visa credit card with your Visa Checkout account during checkout.
  • Limit (1) $15 statement credit per customer or card account.
  • Allow 1 to 2 billing cycles from Visa Checkout purchase for delivery of the statement credit to the Chase Freedom account added to the Visa Checkout account.
  • Your card account must remain open and not be in default to receive the statement credit.

You can find more information and the full terms here.

chase freedom visa checkout 15


This deal is very similar to the Sapphire deal from September with the exception that the Sapphire deal didn’t require a minimum purchase. Even though this requires a $15 or more purchase, it should be an easy way to get $15 in free merchandise for minimal work. There are a ton of merchants that take Visa Checkout, so there are plenty of options for getting this credit.


I like simple “free money” deals. With the Sapphire deal in September I simply purchased a $.49 code to collect $14.51 for free. This time I’ll probably just buy a gift card to ensure I get the full value for the deal. Since it only takes a minute or two, I think this is worth the minimal time required.

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  1. strategies? does S&H count toward the $15? If so, seems the items I will most likely buy, the S& H will make up the bulk of the purchase which stinks(not that I have shopped around but i am guessing this to be the case)

    • I doubt it’ll work for AU cards if primary card has been used since Chase AU cards have the same card number. IOW, most likely, this is one credit per account.

  2. I see that you do have to register for this. Now my question is where can I purchase gift card other than Staples? Thanks

    • I also did this two CSP (one is the wife’s) and neither has posted yet. The statement is just closing so we’ll see if that’s why. It did after all state it can take a few billing cycles IIRC. They’re definitely nothing close to Amex and their usual within a week credit for Amex Offers.

        • Fun. Well, I’ve read other people having the same issue. My statement didn’t close yet (tomorrow) but my wife’s did and there’s not a credit on either CSP account. I’d like to think I didn’t make any noob mistakes but you never know…and to be quite honest Visa Checkout has not been a very reliable source (didn’t receive coupon codes for example).

  3. Mine posted as well for both wife and myself. Although second card for wife did not post. I guess the limit of one per customer overrides one per card.


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