Did You Recently Apply for Chase IHG Card? You Could Match to 100K Offer


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chase ihg match 100k offer

Did You Recently Apply for Chase IHG Card? You Could Match to 100K Offer

Chase IHG Rewards Club credit card has a regular sign up bonus of 60,000 points plus 5,000 for adding an authorized user. Yesterday I posted about an increased bonus of 80,000 points plus 5,000 for AU. Well, it turns out that it can get even better, if you recently applied for the card or if you already took advantage of the increased offer.

Matching 100K Offer

Chase had a targeted offer for 100,000 bonus points. The landing page for that offer still works and you can see it here. But if you click Apply Now it is not available. However it is possible to get matched to that great offer, which also gets you the 5K Authorized User bonus and a waived annual fee. The only difference is that you need to spend an extra $1,000.

If you applied for the 60K or 80K offer within the last 3 months, then send Chase a secured message and ask to get matched. Doctor of Credit reports several successful data points. Although it is not guaranteed, it takes less than a minute to send a message and looks like there’s a pretty good chance that you will receive the extra points.


If you’re able to get matched to the 100K offer, then you’re getting the best ever offer for this card. I already went over the perks of this card in yesterday’s post and why it is a card worth keeping long term as well.

Let us know if you’re successful at getting matched. Good luck!

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  1. I tried applying from the landing page and it said that the offer was no longer valid and it did a redirect to a 60k offer page.

    • From the website you can not create a message from the phone app. On the website upper left there is an icon looks like a chat bubble with a + sign. Click it then click “I have a question”. Your brought to secure message, click compose then it gives topic options. I chose “Reward Inquiry” but have not had luck to get the 100k offer match as of yet but I’m not giving up yet.

  2. My husband applied the day the 80k offer was released, and the next day when we heard about the 100k offer, he sent Chase a Secure Message and asked to be matched to that … and they did! “Just let us know when you reach the $2,000 spending minimum, and we’ll add the extra 20,000 points.” Thanks, Chase! 🙂

  3. I am getting a message:

    “Thank you for your interest in becoming an
    IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Cardmember.
    This offer is not available, but you are now being
    redirected to another great IHG® Rewards Club
    Credit Card offer! “

  4. I received my IHG card 2 weeks ago under the 60k offer through this quarters accelerate promotion where I received 2,000 accelerate bonus points for applying. I wrote to the “rewards dept” asking if they can match the 100k offer. They replied saying they “do not have a similar offer for this card”. I replied again sending them the 100k offer link and attached a picture of the offer on my computer with my new matching IHG card next to it. They replied again saying “your account is not eligible for this offer”.
    Maybe I need to talk to someone other then the rewards department?

    • Update: I just called Chase customer service and asked if they could match the 100k. I was told that in order for them to escalate the request to ask for the 100k match I must first spend and meet the required $2,000 within 3 months. Once I do this then they would be able to escalate the case and ask for the 100k offer to be match but its only a request and know way to know before if it will be honored or not.

      • Update: Chase still will not match the 100k offer I asked them if I can cancel my new card and reapply under the 100k offer and this is the responce:

        “We would like to inform you that you can visit the below
        link to apply for the 100,000 bonus offer:


        Please keep in mind that the bonus point offer is available to you as long as you have not received a new. Cardmember bonus for this product in the past 24 months.”

        Unfourtially I not able to get the link they sent me to work. If someone else has luck with it let me know.

  5. I was wondering if i could apply for the chase IHG credit card but have my daughters name on the card she does have amembership number with IHG but mine is separate and Im a spiral elite member but she has the bank account needed I would just be a additional user on the card

  6. I had received the 80K offer by e-mail and online on my IHG account about three weeks ago. Applied for the new card and a week after receiving the card, I received an e-mail invitation for the 100K offer, as well as online when I logged into my IHG account.

    I sent Chase a message through my online bank profile with the e-mail invitation code and link from my ihg account for the 100K offer, and they agreed to match after I spend the required $2000 within 3 months.

    Thank you Chase for matching, and the original poster for informing me about the possibility of offer matching. 🙂 Knowledge is power!


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