How I’m Still Earning 5X on Many Gift Cards with Chase Ink

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Chase Ink Mastercard 5X

Chase Ink Mastercard 5X

A long time ago in what seems like an alternate universe Chase handed out cards and bonuses like candy, there was no 5/24 rule and the Chase Ink cards were actually Mastercards.  While most of the remnants of this beloved time are gone, for some the Ink Mastercard lives on.

Earlier this year Chase did move Ink MC customers to Visa. They changed the account numbers and even sent out new cards. I didn’t bite. Why? Because the Ink Mastercard still codes as 5X on PayPal Digital Gifts and a few other places that no longer code as 5X with the Visa version.

I never activated my Visa replacement Ink and the Mastercard has continued to work. A friend did activate his Visa and despite that his Mastercard continued to work. Now though it seems the end is truly near. Chase obviously noticed I was using my old card and sent me a friendly reminder that they are going to cut it off.

Chase Ink Mastercard 5XConclusion

All good things must come to an end, but I’ll continue using this card until they shut it off. Considering I buy a lot of gift cards from PayPal Digital Gifts the fact that this card has continued to work has earned me a lot of points. Have an old Ink Mastercard? Maybe dust it off and use it before they shut down the number completely.


  1. Curious about how banks handle this for different type accounts. Whenever I have gotten a new (CSP for Fairmont); replacement (Citi Visa Costco for AMEX); or about-to-expire-card the bank tells me at that time exactly how long I can continue to use the old one.

    Did you also receive such a notification but your MC actually didn’t cut off on that date OR Chase never said one way or the other? Good info to have on file if the latter is true. They can’t very well suck back reward points if they never set a time limit. Thx


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