Chase Ink Referral: You Get 10K & Your Friend Gets 60K!


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chase ink plus 10k referral

Chase Ink Plus 10K Referral Program

Chase recently increased the bonus on their Chase Ink Plus card to 60K Ultimate Rewards points after $5K in spend. This is a really great deal, although many people are having issues getting approved due to Chase’s recent tightening on churners.

Either way, if you know someone who is looking to get a Chase Ink Plus card, now may be the best time to tell them about it. Current cardholders can refer their friend’s and receive up to 5 referral bonuses of 10,000 points each. In the past each referral paid 5,000 points, but you could refer 10 people, so the maximum is the same.

How to Refer Your Friends

chase ink plus 10k referral

  1. To find your referral link go to:
  2. Input your last name, zip code and last four of your card number.
  3. Click to share on Twitter. You should then see a tweet with a link. Copy that link and share it with your friends. You don’t need to actually post the tweet.

You can also choose to have the system email them, however it can take days. I find sending the direct link to them is much easier and faster. You can take a look at a detailed walkthrough of the process I posted last year for the Freedom, which is basically the same if you are interested.


I always love it when I can refer friends to a great offer. Other than a brief stint at 70K last year, this is the best bonus we have seen on the Chase Ink Plus. This card is valuable for so many reasons, so I personally encourage my friends with businesses to get it, especially if they are thinking about churning.

If you are interested, here is my referral link if you want to support the site, however every current cardholder should have one. Happy referring!

HT: Doctor of Credit

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  1. Looks like this is a targeted promotion. I have entered my data but it says: “The information you provided does not match any of our current Chase Refer-A-Friend promotions. Please check to make sure you entered your information correctly, and continue to check back to see if your card becomes eligible in the future.”

    • I suppose you could. I don’t see anything in the terms preventing it, but I don’t know of any data points either way. I know of many spouses referring each other though.

  2. Chase ink Plus is a great card for 5% discount on your cable, internet, phone and Office Supply Stores.
    Appreciate if you can signup using my referral link to get 60,000 bonus points on $5000 spend


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