Is Chase Retroactively Denying Approved Apps for Too Many New Cards?

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Chase Retroactively Denying Approved Apps

One of the biggest risk factors banks look for when determining if a customer is going to pay back money borrowed is whether they have been taking out a lot of credit. Certain behaviors like taking out a lot of credit cards within a short period of time often indicate financial trouble. Banks don’t like this.

Of course there are other reasons people sometimes open up a batch of credit cards in a short period of time. Banks tend not to like those either. So, they seem to be cracking down. There have been widespread reports of Bank of America retracting approvals for customers having too many cards and now it seems Chase might be doing it too.

Here is what wonderguest reported on Reddit:

So as the title says, Chase cancelled my BA card after sending it to me. It was approved through their recon line. I called up Chase to verify my card to only know it had been closed. The CSR told me to call their Lending department. The lady from their lending dept said that Chase decided to cancel my credit card as I had too many credit cards opened in the last 2 months. I had opened Barclays A+, Citi Premiere and Chase BA at the same time. lol. I called their lending dept on Friday to reconsider my application. It will take 10 days for them to send me a reply on the reconsideration. I have 14CC+1SL+1PL.

Edit: I just checked my Chase account and they have closed my other card too. :O WTH

We know that Chase denies credit card apps for some products if you have opened up 5 or more cards within the past 24 months, but I have never heard of them retroactively denying an approved app. In the past the British Airways card has also been known not to be subject to 5/24 which explains the initial approval.

What Does This Mean

If this data point reflects a wider policy, it could mean a couple of things. First, approvals may be going through a manual review of some sort. Also, they may be going back and looking at your credit (something they can do if you are a current customer) to see if you opened other new cards the same day. This isn’t guaranteed based on the data point, but it certainly is possible.

Considering how banks (especially Chase) don’t like customers who sign up to get a lot of bonuses and don’t like customers who are in financial trouble, this policy makes sense from the bank’s perspective. I still contend that technology will continue to improve and help the banks target the customers and policies they see as beneficial to them. That is something that is not good for many in the miles & points hobby.

Have you run into a similar situation with Chase, Bank of America or any other bank? Please share your experiences in the comments!


  1. Dealing with a nightmare currently with Chase over this – I’m not even sure if it’s the same situation, but seems to be. Right after I got my CSR, I rec’d a letter from Chase wanting a SSA-89 and W-9 form. Having been a long-time customer where much of this info has been verified in the past, I didn’t give it much thought. Should have, because my accounts were frozen Friday. I was assured that if I submitted paper work within 10 days that all would be well. After jumping through their hoops and completing paperwork in branch, I was assured on phone that my accounts were reopened. Tonight, logged in an my CSR is closed. Per them, cannot be reopened. Said it was closed on bank decision. I still want to know why my checking had to be frozen – Chase has been SO uncooperative. I’m ready to move on…definitely taking my banking elsewhere.

  2. Comenity bank closed all of my wife’s credit cards because she had “too many new accounts”. She had zero balances on all of her cards and has paid on time habitually for years (longest card was opened for 10+ years). All together they lost out on 6 accounts and a good customer. c’est la vie.

  3. It seems like this was a shutdown that the application may have triggered as opposed to a retroactive denial

  4. B of a did the same to me in March with two cards. Approved, received and could not activate.

    “You’ve had too many b of a and affiliated credit cards “


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